Christmas Gifts on a budget. Idea 1.

Gift Making 04I enjoy making Christmas gifts for my family and friends.  It can be a scarf that I crocheted or a basket that I whipped up for a fun treat.  This Christmas was no different because I began planning two ideas of things that I could make for this Christmas. 

I hit the Dollar Store which is the best place to get fun ideas!!!  I spent $56.00 and was able to make 15 adorable gifts that I know everyone will love.  Today I will share one of them and tomorrow I will post the second one.  (And when I have the third one finished I will post it.)

You will need candle holders or small glass decorative bowls, candles, ribbon, soap roses & something cool to put them in. 

Gift Making 01
My supplies.

Gift Making 02
Put candle in holder and tie a bow.

Gift Making 03
Those roses are actually glycerin soap.

Gift Making 04
Place on top of candle.

Gift Making 05
All pretty.

Gift Making 06
Ready to wrap.

Gift Making 07
I found these adorable Christmas take-out boxes that are plastic.

Gift Making 08
Fits perfectly.

Gift Making 09
Another ribbon color.

Gift Making 10
White soap roses.

Gift Making 11
Pretty pale pink soap roses.

Gift Making 12
Add a cute decoration, I used an ornament that they can put on their tree.

Christmas Labels
I made these on the computer and printed them off to attach to boxes with a ribbon.

Pretty cool huh?

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Your so clever!
Great pics too!
Supermom said…
Thank you!!!!

Dammit now you know what I will be giving you!!!!