BabySpa’s 1 Year Anniversary!!!

You must go enter this amazing giveaway in honor of BabySpa’s 1 year anniversary!!!

Fans can go enter for a chance to win a grand prize of a $100.00 Walgreens gift card!  All you have to do is upload a picture of your little one using a BabySpa product to BabySpa’s Facebook page

Entrants will have a chance to win $100, $50 and $25 Walgreens gift cards.

Ends on December 15th so hurry and go enter!  When you enter please include the following code BSPA1226 so they know you came from me.  :)  Thank you.

BABYSPA® is a complete collection of natural, gentle and soothing bath and body products for babies and toddlers with a unique skin care approach.

Inspired by therapeutic spa cultures, ancient traditions, and luxurious body care rituals, the BabySpa® product line blends eco-certified ethnobotanicals traditionally used by ancient Native Americans, virgin oils from the Pacific Islands, and patented Swiss moisturizers to offer complete sensory spa experiences and those pampering moments we all love to feel.

BabySpa® presents the world’s first “Stages” approach to natural baby skin care. All products are especially formulated to meet the changing skin care needs of infants and toddlers as they grow and experience different environments. The BabySpa® products are divided into two stages: Stage One for newborns through crawlers and Stage Two for walkers through preschoolers.

BabySpa® Stage One products are especially formulated with ingredients tailored to suit the extra-sensitive skin in newborns through crawlers – when babies spend the majority of their time indoors and are particularly vulnerable to their surrounding environment. Infused with our signature Baby Fresh scent.

BabySpa® Stage Two products are especially formulated with ingredients that nourish and protect the skin of walkers through preschoolers and beyond; for curious little ones who love to explore different types of environments on their road to independence. Infused with our unique Uplifting Citrus scent.

3 in 1 Tearless Shampoo, Body Wash & Moisturizer
Soapless Body Wash
Tearless Baby Shampoo
Bubble Bath Milk
Moisturizing Body Lotion
Soothing Face Cream
Shea Butter Diaper Cream
Calming Massage Oil
Nourishing Massage Oil

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I will be getting a BabySpa Gift Set for my girls for FREE.  I know that we will love it.**

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