Anne Hathaway has pubic hair.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Anna Hathaway and if there is ever a movie made about me she would have to play ME! 

Seriously, I love her that much!!  Plus, WE ROCK SHORT HAIR! 

Recently she has been in the news because someone took a picture of her while getting out of her car in a tight dress without wearing any panties.


I’m sad that someone took this vulnerable moment and made money from it.

I saw the pic and I was shouting with joy, “ANNE HAS HAIR!”!!!  Yay!!!!  She’s fucking awesome!  I’ve had a “Save the Bush Campaign” for many years and it’s nice to know that she’s in the club!  Anne is proud of being a woman and doesn’t have that, I haven’t hit puberty yet, shaved look!  Makes me proud.

So, why are we making a big deal over seeing a lil pubic hair?  It really isn’t a big deal.  We probably see more than that at the swimming pool during the summer (against our will).  Like really???  These pictures have totally made her feel devastated and it saddens me that a big deal was made.  You can tell in the picture she is trying her best to get out of the car with her legs together but the dress she was wearing gave a glimpse all the way up.

My advice:  Anne, hold your head up because you are an amazing woman who has accomplished so many awesome things and I know you’ve only just begun!  Rock your bad ass and be proud of that pubic hair!

Speaking of pubic hair the other day I was wondering why the term beaver was used to refer to our girly parts.  (I live at Beaver Lake. Ha ha.)  So a quick Google search cleared it all up for me.  Long ago prostitutes shaved their hair to keep from spreading STD’s but men didn’t like the look so they had pubic toupees.  Also known as the Merkin which is a pubic wig made from fine beaver pelts.

Now I know and so do you.

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