What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day (A Novel) By Pearl Cleage

I came across this book by accident because I was looking for another author in the same area yesterday at the library.  The spine caught my attention and with a name like What Looks Like Crazy I had to pick it up.  I glanced in the cover and read a few lines then added it to my growing stack of books.

It wasn’t till we got back to the van I noticed it was in Oprah’s Book Club so I just knew it would be a good read.  When things calmed down at bit at the house I start to read the book.  Then I started to wonder what I had gotten myself in when there words were all on the first page; fuc****, bitc***, sex, virgins, titties, orgasms and Mother Teresa.   All on the first page! 

So, I continued to read because I wanted to be impressed.

Sadly, I wasn’t.  The whole book was very predictable and some parts I could have done without.  I really did feel as if I was reading a script for a new Tyler Perry movie because he’s all about angry women and learning their way through life to happiness and such.  I mean no disrespect with that comment because I love Tyler Perry movies and reading this book was like reading his next movie. 

Enough because, I don’t want to spoil this if anyone else chooses to read it.

My Advice:  Just because it’s an Oprah pick doesn’t mean it’s worth reading.  I’d use that time to read something less violent and less degrading to women.  I’m not oblivious to what’s happening in the world with drugs, sex and teenage pregnancy but the book just left me feeling BLAH.