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What are you thankful for?

Happy November 1st!!!  I love it when November rolls around because my favorite holiday is near.  THANKSGIVING!!!

It’s like Christmas without all the stress of buying presents.  I get to enjoy all this awesome time with my family and not go in debt.  Ha ha.  I tease!

Not about Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday though because it is.

So, since today is the first day of November I wanted to post one thing I am thankful for and I will be posting something every day for this month.

I am thankful for my husband.

This year will mark a decade of being together!  A lot has happened to us in a decade for starters; we met each other because we worked in the same building.  Then we flirted back and forth for a bit and then we went on our first date on December 1, 2002.  We went downtown to eat and to see a James Bond movie.  That night I grabbed his butt.

Since then we’ve had a lot of dates, gotten married, made lots of love, had two children, got a dog, laughed a lot, played board games, enjoyed holidays together, enjoyed vacations and everything imaginable in 10 years.

So, yes I am thankful for him, he’s my rock.

Join me and tell me one thing each day that you are thankful for. 

1 comment:

Superdad said...

Thank you for that sweet post.

It really has been an amazing ten years, hopefully the first of many decades together.

I love you.