Say what? The world's first baby that breastfeeds?!?!?

I just saw the oddest creepy thing ever!!  Before I tell you what it was let me say that I’m the biggest breastfeeding advocate there is and have breastfed all four of my kids for many years each!

So, with that being said.


A baby that comes with an attachment so it can breastfeed!?!?!?


My girls have breastfed their babies without buying a special doll that comes with some nursing bra for them to put on!

COME ON PEOPLE!!!  This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen!!!!

I must hear your opinion so comment below!!!


karenmed409 said…
I am speechless! My mouth dropped when I read the post.I think it's great that a little one pretends to nurse, but they sure DON"T need any special equipment for play time. My son when he was younger would pretend to nurse his sisters dolls, but I sure would not buy him a doll to make it realistic.
Supermom said…
I was too!!!!!

I agree. It's natural and no toys needed for them to learn.

Thank you for the comment.
jamaise said…
We own one. I have a 2.5 year old who recently found it in storage (was saving it for when she was older) & she couldn't bear to leave that poor baby in the box.
I understand your view. However, I also find it creepy that the only babies that are offered in stores are bottle fed ones. My child and yours would be comfortable enough to pick up any doll and nurse her. If we want more little girls to have this opportunity, I think we should support any movement towards getting breastfeeding dolls on the shelves.
I also think the tank -type of thing that allows them to nurse is silly. My daughter at her age has trouble understanding it - because it is not necessary. I wish they would have just designed it so when the baby's mouth pressed against something, the suckling would start.
But I am not going to criticize the effort because of poor design. I am going to support it for our children's sake!
Supermom said…
Thanks Jamaise for the comment. It's not to hear another opinion about the doll.