Recent Text Conversation

Supermom: After open, how long is red wine good?

Friend: Unclear of question.

Supermom: I’ve got an open bottle of red wine.

Friend:  Smell it, if it smells like vinegar don’t drink it but you can use it for cooking.

Supermom: DAMN!

Friend: It doesn’t last long.  Got any beer?

Supermom:  I can do better than that.  I have another bottle of wine.

Friend: Drink a glass for me.

Supermom: This is so going to be a blog post.

Friend: No, not drug blogging.

I didn’t mean drunken blogging, I meant the conversation!  HA HA!

Plan A will be used for cooking. Thankfully I had Plan B. whew.
Plan A will be used for cooking.  Thankfully I had Plan B.  Whew.

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