Kidney Stones are hereditary.

Who knew?  I’ve been dealing with kidney stones since I was 19 years old and it’s the most excruciating pain you will ever experience and I’ve had FOUR KIDS!  OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thanksgiving morning I was still in my pajamas planning the day, I had to shower, I had to make my pineapple casserole and get the kids ready and blah blah blah.  At 10:30 am, while Superdad was at church, I find my teenage daughter in the floor in a lot of pain.  She had mentioned having some side pain for a day or two but nothing like this.

At 11:00 her dad shows up to take her to his house to enjoy a Thanksgiving lunch while I’m still in my pajamas with bed head and I haven’t even brushed my teeth!  She’s in awful pain, throwing up from the pain and having a fit.

Urgent Care was closed and our doctor’s office was closed.  We happened to get a doctor on call to call us back and told him the situation.

My daughter was having her first kidney stone at 18 years old.


The only drug store open was across town so her dad went to collect something for nausea and the pain.

I can so relate!!!  Poor thing.

After we gave her the nausea meds we had to wait for her to stop throwing up so we could get the pain meds in her.  We instantly knew when the meds had kicked in because she wouldn’t stop talking!  Seriously, she talks a lot as it is, imagine that times 1000. 

That night she passed a stone.  She’s still in pain and having to take meds so there are either more stones or this is just pain from the other stone making its way down.

Of all the things to get from me!!  I’m so sorry my beautiful baby teenage girl.

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Felix Lee said…
I have a friend who suffered from a kidney stone and I witnessed her being in so much pain. I wouldn't want to wish that on anyone. I hope your daughter is fine now, it's not your fault...
Hope she is doing better, have never had a stone and do not want one!
Anonymous said…
This is also my. Ingest fear, passing my kidney stones on to my daughter. I have medullary sponge kideny on both sides which produce stones like crazy. I am in the ER a coup,e times a month for strong pain meds. This has seriously affected my life. I am blessed to have a husband who is caring and understanding. I am in the process of yet another stone. The ER doctors are a bit tired if me. I take dilaudid at home and if I can't get control of the pain that means I need to head into the ER per my urologist. This has been going on for the past 21 years. My veins are so bad that sometimes it takes 5-6 iV sticks to get a good line. My arms are black and blue most of the time. I hate this I have now life. I spend most of my time in bed due to the pain.

Thanks for listening.