Keeping it Real - Baby Products you can LIVE WITHOUT!!!

Over the weekend I was trying to find some sheets in the hall bathroom closet and I realized that it was such a mess that everything needed to come out and I had to start over with a clean slate.

While doing the big clean I found another baby product or two that you can live without! 

Those expensive baby towels with hoods and those tiny washcloths.  Seriously, aren’t my expensive organic cotton towels good enough??

The hooded towels are small and thin and I’d much rather prefer a think soft as buttah towel to wrap my baby in who’s cold from getting out of the baby tub.

UGH!!!!!  Those tiny washcloths have disaster written all over them.  If you have a front loading washing machine they will get sucked into the pipe which will require you to call a repair man or if you are like me, start taking apart the washing machine flooding your basement.  Throw those damn things away quick and save yourself some trouble.

Yes, they are cute and adorable and come in all sorts of styles.  BUT I bet they are more expensive than my organic cotton towels that will last for many many years, long after the baby stops using those hooded towels.

So, this is what Supermom has to say about those hooded baby towels:

BOTTOM LINE:  Stop adding those expensive things to your baby registry and instead keep adding diapers because that’s what you will need the most.  If a big soft towel is good enough for you then it’s good enough for your baby. 

Side Note:  When your bundle of joy is older and can voice an opinion and must have that cute hooded towel that has Barbie all over it then give it as a birthday gift or for Christmas!

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