It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.

I’m a believer in celebrating one holiday at a time.  For example I get irritated to hear Christmas music before Thanksgiving and I DO NOT decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  Sure, it can be Thanksgiving night after cleaning up the kitchen and setting your dining room table back.

Because that is after Thanksgiving.

Superdad found a beautiful tree yesterday and we decorated it last night.  We as in Lil O, Baby M and me.  H was in bed with her kidney stone pain and B wasn’t home and I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind letting his little sisters hang up snowflakes and candy canes without him.

I was a bit stressed because the lights were tangled and I had missed my fake tree where you snap the pieces together and just plug it in.  Voila.  I guess I’m spoiled that way.  Just you wait until next Christmas when I can pull that tree out of the box!  I’ll be singing Jingle Bells for sure!

Now, let Christmas begin.

Christmas Tree 01

Christmas Tree 02

Christmas Tree 03

Christmas Tree 04

Christmas Tree 05
All done.

Christmas Tree 06
Close up.

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