Day Two - What are you thankful for?

This one was difficult because I’m thankful for my children, like every mom, but I didn’t want to make it a group post and include all four kids because I wanted to dedicate an individual post for each child.  So, what’s a blogger to do? 

Use a random generator OF COURSE!  DUH!!!  I didn't want the kids to think they were my favorite by the order I posted about them.  (Even though I do have a favorite, doesn't everyone?)  ha ha.

So, I numbered the kids, well not really, I just let their number be the order of who was born first.  Hormonal Teenager was 1, Handsome B was 2, Lovely O was 3 and Baby M was 4.  Simple enough.  Then I plugged those numbers into the generator and found my order!

I’m so smart!  *patting myself on my back*

I’m thankful for Baby M.

Baby M is an amazing vibrant little girl who has no fear.  She sings, she dances, she runs around mostly in her undies and she is the boss.  She knows it and so do we.  Baby M was our last child and truly a blessing.  If you followed the blog then you know that we found out during a routine ultrasound that our baby might have Downs.  I didn’t want any further testing because we didn’t care and it wouldn’t have changed our mind to have our beautiful baby girl.

For many months we waited.  I read a lot of books and Superdad gave gratitude and prayed.  I wasn’t worried because I knew that God was taking care of everyone and if she did have Downs then she would have had the most amazing family behind her. 

We didn’t know until she was born and I think that’s when the reality hit that our baby could have this syndrome.  She was born via a scheduled cesarean and she didn’t have Downs.  Not that it would have mattered.  We would have loved our baby no matter what and we still do.

Now she is four and she is the most stubborn obnoxious little girl I know!  Really she is.  She is also the most precious little girl in my life.  She has a special place in my heart, like all my other children, and I’m thankful every day for having Baby M in my life. 

So, today I am thankful for Baby M my fourth child.

What are you thankful for?