Day Sixteen – What are you thankful for?

I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to blog about this one thing that I am thankful for.  I just didn’t realize that I somehow missed her.  WOW!  Then I noticed it’s day sixteen!!!!!!!  I’m so sorry but I know she won’t be upset with me because she cannot read.

Today I am thankful for Sophie the Superdog.

Sophie came into our life after I had my hysterectomy and I knew it was meant to be because I had my surgery on February 1 and she was born on February 2.  She was just an itty bitty hair ball when we first saw pictures of her but I knew pretty quickly that she belonged to us.  It was getting everyone on board to agree with me, right Superdad?

Lil O named her and we agree that Sophie suits her.  She’s a beautiful Sophie Elizabeth.  Baby M gave her the middle name of Elizabeth since that’s her middle name.  *smiling*

Sophie is a really good little dog and very easy going.  She enjoys sleeping on top of the couch cushion and chasing rabbits in the front yard.  She enjoys sleeping snuggled up under the blanket at night next to Superdad and has even jumped in the bath a few times with me and the girls.

She enjoys jumping in the van to get the kids from school and she even loves to nap in the sun.  Sometimes we think she is part cat.  Ha ha. 

So, today I am (we all are) thankful for Sophie Elizabeth the Superdog.

What are you thankful for?

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mbl said…
I'm thankful I don't have a dog.
mbl said…
I'm thankful for diet coke.
mbl said…
I'm thankful for The wiggles.