Day Nine – What are you thankful for?

After a fun and entertaining night last night I knew exactly what I would write about today.  Superdad was out of town to see The Who, who actually has members still alive.  I had to ask him…..  My friends coming over fell through for various reasons so what’s a Supermom to do?

I’m thankful that I’m over 21 and can drink alcohol.

Last night I enjoyed Mojitos for the first time.  They were so-so.  I wasn’t thrilled about the after taste, it was like an agave taste and I don’t like agave.  But if you drink it really cold and really fast then it actually tastes okay just don’t sip it.

After a few of those I became fun happy mom that’s actually relaxed.  We watched Modern Family on DVR from the night before and laughed our behinds off.  I love that show and can relate to life in the show.  Then we watched Despicable Me until bedtime.  I love that movie and I’m so glad that they are making a second one!!  I just hope all the original voices are in it.

Speaking of TV shows, why are kids all ninja these days again?  With Power Rangers on TV again and Ninjago on TV, I have a bunch of ninjas running around the house.  We stumbled upon that subject last night so I showed off my ninja skillz.  You can thank the Mojitos for your entertainment. 

Sorry I'm blurry but I was moving!  ha ha
So, today I am thankful for being over 21 and able to drink alcohol if I want and let my hair down, so to speak.