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Day Four – What are you thankful for?

Yes, I’m still working on kids because I do have a lot of them.  Thanks to a random generator picking the order I had no problem with today’s pick.  Again I’m just thrilled of how that worked out.  Ha ha.  This post is going to be a bit difficult for me to type up because I don’t want to embarrass anyone in the process.  Mostly the child that I will be telling you about. 

I am thankful for my only son Handsome B.

Handsome B just started high school this year and it’s hard for me since he is my only son and we do have this special bond between us.  I’m not saying I don’t love my daughters but there is something different about a son’s love.  All with sons will agree.  It’s just one of those things.

He is a bright intelligent young man and very active in scouts!  He loves to play Minecraft on the computer and the occasional chess game and since he bought his own iPod I haven’t seen him put it down.  Ha ha.  Really, I haven’t on that last part.

I can tell he is moving into another part of boyness because his voice is/has changed and that makes me sad at times.  I miss that little boy voice but I know that he is just growing up into a fine young man.  I know that I will dread dating because I know there will not be any girl good enough to date my boy.  It’s that mother-son bond again talking. 

Any girl that catches his heart, many years from now, will indeed have a catch!  Many years from now!

I look forward to watching him grow because I know he will be awesome in whatever he chooses to do!  (Plus, he has promised to make care of me when I have Alzheimers.)

So, today I am thankful for my son Ben.


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