Day Five – What are you thankful for?

YAY!!!  It’s day five and I get to talk about the last of my four children who have hogged spaces 2, 3 and 4!  Such attention grabbers they are.  :) 

This post will be about my very tender hearted child that’s shy around a lot of people and she is also the one that can throw a temper tantrum from hell.  I’m not joking.  She’s extra grumpy in the morning but warms up before it’s time for school.  It doesn’t matter though because her big brown eyes paired with her beautiful smile will warm any heart.

Today I am thankful for Lovely O.

Lovely O was our beautiful planned honeymoon baby.  We knew we wanted a baby after getting married so we stopped protecting against that right after we said “I do”.  After a beautiful honeymoon at a bed & breakfast right on the beach with a view of the ocean from our room that included lots of love making I had hoped we’d have a baby nine months later. 

It didn’t work that way.

She was born 10 months later but I still call her our honeymoon baby because she is.  She was planned, she was wanted and she was already loved before she was even conceived by us.  We made a beautiful baby together, well I did all the hard work with gaining the weight, not sleeping for months and peeing every five minutes then there’s me eating everything in sight!!  But this isn’t a blame game.  Ha ha.

Now our beautiful brown eyed girl is seven years old.  She is in second grade and loves to READ!  She is always writing stories and drawing the most beautiful pictures.  She loves to play outside and has a rather large rock collection because I often find them in the washer and the dryer.  *smiling*

She’s a quiet girl with the most beautiful smile.  She is loved by so many people but mostly by me and her daddy.  Our little honeymoon baby is awesome and I’m so glad she is my daughter.

Today I am thankful for my beautiful lovely Olivia.

Here she is doing what she loves best, playing in the ocean.

What are you thankful for?  Comment below.