Dammit, I should have bought a tree last year on sale!

I’m all for fake trees with lights!!  ALL FOR IT!!!!  One, I don’t want to have to water a real tree every day (because you know I would end up doing it) and then when Christmas was over we'd have to throw it on the curb.  Such a total waste!!!! 

But *sniff sniff* our fake tree died last year.  It was barely hanging on to begin with because the previous year Lil O fell into the tree trying to look at ornaments on the top and broke some limbs.  It was hilarious because she got up with ornaments hanging from her hair! 

*laughing as I fondly remember*

Then last year I never knew if all the lights would work or not when we turned the tree on.  It was rather maddening.  So, we have no fake tree for this year.

I was checking out prices to a few that I loved but there’s no WAY I’d spend that kind of money so I’ve decided to wait until after Christmas to buy my fake dream tree for next Christmas. 

Ha ha.  I know, I’m odd like that or practical, you decide.

This year instead of throwing away a cut tree to the curb we are going to get a real tree that we can plant after Christmas.  I’m not exactly sure where we will plant it but at least we won’t be wasting a tree or spending too much money on a fake tree with awesome lights made in. 

What’s your opinion when it comes to your Christmas tree?

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Laurel said…
Sounds like a plan!