Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn was my favorite book of the series and I’ve read it a few times and, trust me, I’ve been teased about doing that!  *nodding*  I was finally able to see the movie Saturday night with my peeps (six of us) eating movie theater popcorn drinking that coke I mentioned in a previous post. 

I’m about to tell you my opinion of the movie and it will contain spoilers so don’t go any further if you haven’t seen the movie.

Those awesome thirty twenty something women enjoying a movie.


Breaking Dawn Part 2 SUCKED AZZ!!!  That’s the best way I can put it.  I was so disappointed in the last movie like, oh em gee, what the hell?  Did they get bored and just want to take our money at the theater?

So much was left out, parts that were crucial just vanished into movie thin air!  No bonding, no story telling just Bella is a vampire so let’s fight the bad guys!  We didn’t even get to really see Renesmee bond with the other vampires or Bella learn to fight or any of that.


The ending threw me for a loop until I realized he was still in Alice’s thoughts and was seeing the outcome.  That’s when I turned to my friend Jen saying, “WHAT THE HELL?  Guess there won’t be another movie.”  Then it all became clear.  That was the only shocking point of the movie.  THE WHOLE MOVIE.

Supermom says, “EPIC FAIL!”

Now I’m going to read the book again to get it fixed in my head so I can forget the last movie.  *cringe*

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