What to pack and what not to pack.

On Friday I will be hitting the road with my friend/blogging freak/furniture rehabilitator to the first ever Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh.  That’s like a four hour drive and we all know I get carsick.  I wonder if she knows I get carsick?  I will be doped up on Dramamine on this four hour journey probably drooling on myself or talking crazy stuff.  Welcome to my world of travel! 

I’m working on a “Packing List” so I can get busy with the packing on Monday.  I like to be prepared unlike some PEOPLE, my husband!!!!!  When we travel as a family I get out the suitcase weeks in advance to pack!!!  I have too with a big family like mine!

This is what I have so far:

Clothes for cocktail party.
Clothes for the actual conference on Saturday.
Clothes for Sunday.
Bathing Suit, the hotel does have an indoor pool and a hot tub!
Jammies, of course.
Shoes and socks.
Bathroom stuff.
Laptop and phone charger.  Oh, and don’t forget your laptop.
Camera and charger.

What NOT to pack:
Princess dress and tiara for cocktail party.
Fuzzy pink robe.

I think that about covers it.  You can follow the Southern Bloggers Conference on Twitter!!! 


Selina Fleshman said…
Something gray for each day?
Supermom said…

Now now, no teasing Supermom with your package not mailed yet. *wink*
thistlewoodfarm said…
I am so excited to meet you at the conference! And I'm kind of bummed your not bringing your princess dress for the party....I was going to bring my prom dress :)

Have a great day rock star!
Supermom said…
Well, Karianne. If you want to pack your prom dress I can bring my princess dress! I'm open to suggestions. ha ha

I look forward to meet you too!!
See you in a couple of days!