There are stupid questions.

Imagine if you will a mom of four taking a bath alone.  A mom that is tired of people crashing her party of one to talk (about things that could wait until she isn't naked), kids jumping in the tub or to have a four year old poop in the potty.  This will ruin the bath experience all together!  Trust me.

So, I locked the door.

I even had chocolate.

As soon as I had lowered my cold body into the hot tub I hear two babies at the door.  And they were shocked that they couldn’t enter.


A little bit later I hear Superdad at the door.

“Why do you have the door locked?”


Superdad just asked me that question.

I will never say, “There are no stupid questions again.” because obviously there are.


Theresa said…
Sounds like the way my life was. Trust me, with teens and adult kids, it does not get any better.
Supermom said…
Thanks for the words of encouragement! ha ha