The QUICKEST way to lose friends on Facebook!!! *insert a lot of laughter here*

Talk about politics and religion!  I tell you people this has been a rule for like forever!!  Didn’t your mom tell you this??  I usually keep to myself when it comes to politics and religion.  My opinions are my own and really none of your business.  You also won’t see me blaring it in your face because it’s my business, not yours.

Hell, I won’t even talk politics or religion with my own family and some friends because it’s like the biggest faux pas.  (Don’t even get me started on wearing white after Labor Day!)

So, this morning I wake up to a friend talking about the debate on her Facebook wall and she has over 100 comments so I had to read them of course.  Then I had to comment.  (Of course.)  Then I made it my Facebook status, and then I lost friends.  HA HA.  Oopps, my bad.

Here’s my Facebook Status:

A recent comment I posted about the debate late night:

I love you and all but there's a reason we don't talk politics or religion. ha ha I will say that Obama was given a shit start four years ago and there's no way he could have cleaned up the mess. I believe all politicians are like babies and should be changed often but with this said I will be voting for Obama because any sane woman wouldn't vote for Romney. I don't want my three daughters to have their personal choices taken away. I do it for their future. Romney will set us back in time and right now we need hope for the future.

SO, this is me giving you my take on Romney.  The biggest FAUX PAS to date by me.

Let me add that it’s none of Romney’s business when it comes to birth control and abortions.  NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.  EVER!!!!  He can go to church and practice whatever he wants (Mormon) but don’t push HIS beliefs on me and my daughters.

Don’t worry Romney I will take care of them and teach them right and wrong and all about birth control and if the topic of abortion comes up then it is their choice, not yours.  What about separation of church and state???

Oh yeah, there is that.


Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn’t want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment.

Romney, stop trying to take us back to the dark ages!  Stop trying to force your beliefs on us.  Go back to your Mormon ways and get a few sister wives and leave us alone.


Laurel said…
It's not just the girly things but other equality and diversity issues that not too long ago were taboo, progresses made that he just wants to push WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY back.
Supermom said…
I know but that one BOTHERS me so much!!!!!
Kelly said…
Amen Sister!!! My family are mostly Republicans and I can't for the life of me understand how any woman could support a sexist, bigot, pig like Romney.
Supermom said…
More comments moved over with names removed.

* How could any woman vote for him? I am against anyone who cannot birth a baby and who is trying to take away my reproductive rights!!

* He wants to bring us back to the 50's and any woman who votes for him needs her checked. Sorry but I don't want the government telling me what I can or cannot do with my body.

* He is Mormon. Nothing wrong with that. BUT, A Mormon President is a guarantee I will lose my right to separation of church and state. One of the MANY rights Romney promises to take from me. Glad to know I am not the only one confused by the support for him.

* I'm voting for him. I'm a woman. I believe that EVERY woman should be given rights. Even the unborn.

* I agree with that. But, making birth control less available will only increase abortions.

* I still shouldn't have to pay for someone elses abortion.

* Romney believe that to force a religious organization to provide birth control as part of health care is a violation of the seperation of church and state

* Michelle Sealey Lee - Abortion should be our choice and not his decision to make for us.

* Murder should never be a choice.

* Michelle Sealey Lee - If my daughter is raped it is her decision. Period.
Supermom said…
More Comments:

* Better access to birth control means less abortion. That is proven. Then when these women have the babies and end up on medicaid the right wingers bitch about that. Seems keeping birth control easier to access is the morally correct thing to do add well as fiscally responsible.

* Michelle Sealey Lee - I have three daughters and I will do what ever it takes to protect them

* He wants abortion to be a states issue decised by the states
But not their children. No matter what your view point on abortion, science proves that unborn children are human beings. If you abort a child, you are killing a human being. If your daughter has an abortion, your grandchild dies. Period.

* Michelle Sealey Lee - And if she is raped and has an abortion I would stand by her and hold her hand. It wouldn't be my grandchild because she didn't ask for it to happen to her.

* the supreme court has already made that decision, the pres alone cannot change that, congress cannot change it, it would have to be revisited by the supremes, and romney would have to have a majority in the court to do so. unless 5 justices die in the next 4 years, i don’t see it happening.

* If Romney is elected I guarantee abortion will remain legal. Did you know he use to be pro choice or at least he use to say he was when he was pandering to Massachusetts

* Michelle Sealey Lee - Man, I keep losing friends. They are dropping like flies. Too bad we all cannot be mature and have different views of opinions.

* lol michelle, me too. not to worry, its america, last i heard you had the right to your own opinion.....

* Michelle Sealey Lee - Isn't there a thing called freedom of speech too?
Supermom said…

* Michelle Sealey Lee - I just don't want the government having their nose where it doesn't belong. Like I've stated, I have three daughters to think about and Romney doesn't have their best interest at heart. That's all that matters to me.

* underrstand that im probably more libertarian then rep or dem,and i believe gov has no business in our doctors office, our bedroom, or regulating what size cola i want to

* Michelle Sealey Lee - LOL I want a large coke with a lot of ice please.

* And it is all a much bigger picture than ONE issue. If that baby grow up to be gay, it's ok for the country to tell her/him they are wrong? Some sort of freak because he or she was born gay? Unable to enjoy the same rights as everyone else? That is ok, as long as we ban abortion? Just because you agree with one belief a politician has, there is a much bigger picture involved, and all of that needs to be considered. Romney will NOT be able to stop abortions and unwanted pregnancies, and in his effort to do so, will make them a much larger problem. How many of those not allowed abortions will become dead newborns in dumpsters? Is that the better option?!

* Michelle Sealey Lee - Yes, there is so much more.

* Michelle Sealey Lee - I'll be glad when the election is OVER!

* I say the baby in a women's tummy should have a voice also.

* Michelle...Im right with you on this! Did you know that a rapist, could actually sue for visitation rights? Therefor terrorizing the woman legally for the rest of her life???

* Michelle Sealey Lee - Oh wow!!!

* MICHELLE your thought that Romney doesn't have you childrens' best interest at heart is so very wrong do you thing Obama cares about anything except getting reelected?

* Michelle Sealey Lee - This is where we agree to disagree.

*Oh dang you did it now lol

*and for those reasons I voted for Obama

am sure this won't be thought of well but if you believe that there should be no right to abortion ( and I support your right to think as you do) please agree immediately to adopt or pay for the raising of those unwanted love you all
Supermom said…
*moving discussions over from FB, taking names off as well*

Well said Super Love

SUPERMOM Thank you.

I agree well said!

There are other options besides Obama when it comes to human rights. And that vote will not be wasted. Third Party. Jill Stein or Gary Johnson.

I too have stayed clear of politic debates between friends. This is a close race, but I have used the skills of research that I learned in college, and when it comes to actual facts... Romney is not using them. I will be voting with you.

Well I am a strong women and must say i will be voting for Romney. I believe not only will he create more jobs for women, but will fight for the right's of the unborn women. Just sayin. We are all friends and feel we can be free to share.

I agree, I just hope enough of us see it this way!

You are not sane! Hahahaha!!

Well said about voting for Romney.

SUPERMOM True, I'm not sane because of my four kids but I'm Obama all the way.

SUPERMOM Awww man, losing friends with the political talk. Oh well, such is life.

Seriously? Then they aren't good friends! I mean my dads voting for Romney & I still talk to him!

I can't stand either of them, so I'm exercising my right to do a write in. I don't give a damn about people thinking I'm throwing my vote away for one candidate or the other. I'm voting my conscience! And thank God this election is almost over!

SUPERMOM are you writing "Supermom" in???? I totally want to be president!!

You be your sweet bippy I am! LOL

SUPERMOM SAWEEETTTT!!!!!!! Now to get my other friends to write me in!

SUPERMOM Yeah my number keeps going down. ha ha

Romney may create more jobs for women but he sure didn't hire any in his own company. Also, he wasn't advocating for equal pay either. And newborns shouldn't be born into this world if their parents aren't ready, no one should be forced to give birth. Mistakes happen. And with that the cycle repeats itself with more people needing government funding, thats what republicans hate right?

and I wish people would vote for outside parties but remember that is not just the presidential election. Local and state level elections are needed for independent and green party candidates to win in order to make a difference in congress. It starts from the bottom.

I don't even know why the fear mongers even put abortion on the table. They personally can't do a damn thing about it. You need 2/3's of states to vote against the court ruling to over turn it. That's never going to happen.

Debates turn me on

SUPERMOM Come here then.

LOL! Did you see that me and my partner won first place last weekend at our tournament? I'm still flying high!


Yes Yes and Yes!

Amen LADY. I am with you Obama has done well with what he was given and I will also be voting for him to have 4 more years....Romney is out of touch with real peoples lives.... RYAN ISN'T IN TOUCH EITHER

*'s gotten closer and closer and with the potential changes to the supreme court it could (not saying it will... but it could happen) and I for one am not willing to vote for a ticket that would would make that even a remote possibility. I don't love what's NOT happened in this country but I agree with Michelle that Obama came into a horrible state of affairs and am hopeful that if he gets a second term he will make changes that WILL work. Crossing my fingers and voting for the lesser of the evils. But I love that we can all agree to disagree...we are all Americans and love our country!

Michelle I too can't stand either one ...I'm writing you in too !!!!

got my ballot in the mail today Rossane Barr is on there lol

karenmed409 said…
I totally agree with You!! Romney is so fake, he'll sell out anything or anyone if it's in his own personal interest.
Supermom said…
I'll just be glad when the election is over.