Supermom Likes - Cool things I find while surfing the Internet

I surf the web a lot and here are a few things I think you should check out!!!

Found on ETSY!!!

Check it out HERE.

I was ranting the other day so I thought the phrase suited me perfectly.

It still does.

I cannot even think now because I want this burger!!!!

Click HERE to read all about it!!

She is even on FACEBOOK!!!!
*happy dance*

Land's End has the best tee's and I love it when they are on sale!!!!! 

Click HERE to check them out.

I admit that I bought some at Sears then ordered more online.  Well, you can never have enough.  Right?

I'm addicted to Dogshaming!!!!!

Seriously I check daily and laugh until I wet myself.

I need to grab the camera the next time Sophie the Superdog does something cRaZy!

P.S.  I wasn't paid or given anything to post the above sites.  Just enjoy like I do!