Southern Bloggers Conference

I’m halfway into the awesome Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh with Krista!  So far we’ve been to the Container Store (yesterday) for an awesome presentation!  I must go home and organize the whole house.  I might better call Superdad to warn him in advance that I will be shopping until I drop and will be planning the perfect dream closet when I return.  I can feel him twitching from here!

Then we also had an amazing cocktail party last night where we had yummy treats, tasty drinks and wonderful fellowship.  (All without a buzz.)  Contrary to what men may believe, we do not have pillow fights in our lacy panties at these events.  Sorry to ruin it for you.  And if there was a panty pillow fight then I wasn’t invited last night!

After a lovely meet and great I went out to dinner with some of our friends for dinner since they live in the nice town of Raleigh and that was nice!  Super nice. 

So, fast forward, after a wonderful night of rest we are halfway through the event and we just finished lunch.  I just wanted to write a quick update since I’ve been absent.

Miss you!  Much love!


Suzy said…
I'm sooo glad you came to the conference - it was wonderful to meet you! Oh and I'm still chuckling about our underwear chat with everyone at the cocktail party on Friday night. Y'all are too funny!
Supermom said…
Suzy! It was all my pleasure to meet you!!!! Oh my goodness!! I'm proud of my granny panties!!! ha ha

Thanks, I try!

I hope you made it or make it home safe and sound.

I learned so much and look forward into incorporating it into my blog.