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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Shades of Grey Challenge

All this grey is wearing me out!!!!!!


TJ said…
Nice boobage, though.
Supermom said…
HA HA!! That's what someone said on Facebook! I said it's not about the rack! I'm doing the 30 Shades of Grey Challenge. (While shopping at Target.)
TJ said…
You took a pic of your sweater puppies while shopping @ Target? Who knew you were so kinky?
Nice boob shot! ;)

do me a fave and tell me what email address comes up if you try and reply to my response.

I have been have a booger of a time trying to get my old vabb account off it.
Supermom said…
Nothing comes up. Hmmm.

You two are a bunch of pervs!! Saweet, my kind of gals.
TJ said…
Next boobage pic should be sans de bra.
Supermom said…
ROFL! Pervs I tell ya! PERVS!

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