Parenting 101 – When you hear “I’m not your friend anymore.”

The other day my very tender hearted seven year old came inside crying her eyes out because her BFF, who happens to be our neighbor, had told her, “I’m not your friend anymore.”  It all started because Lil O was playing with her big brother and not her BFF who was also in the yard playing. 

I was heartbroken and offered to walk her over to her house so they could talk and make up but she didn’t want to go.  She was just so sad and had that expression on her face thinking that she had really lost her best friend. 

What’s a parent to do?

I got down on her level to talk to her about her feelings and to tell her I was sorry.  I told her that her friend didn’t mean it and she was just upset that you were playing with your brother and since she is younger than you that she wasn’t able to express her feelings like, “Come play with me please.”

How come we always do that?  Ha ha.  I’m sure we’ve all said that at one time or another but I do hope we aren’t saying it NOW at our age!  I’m not your friend anymore is like unfriending someone on Facebook.  Ha ha.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Back to my heartbroken seven year old.  We talked to her about it and she is fine now and that makes me happy.  She was allowed to be sad but we reassured her that it wasn’t meant and that they are still friends and they’d be running around in the backyard soon enough.  (After Baby M feels better.)

What advice do you give your children when someone hurts their feelings?