My Home Tour

After attending the first ever Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh over the weekend I learned so many things from these amazing women.  First off, they are just plain awesome and then add some more awesome on top of that like rainbow sprinkles.  Second, these women are so crafty and have lots of advice to offer from blogging, social networking, painting with milk paint, painting with chalk paint, thrifting and designing on a budget which I know ZERO about.  Well, I know the blogging and social networking part but having a house straight from a magazine is something I know nothing about.

That’s okay though.  Right?

The amazingly talented Rhoda of Southern Hospitality said that everyone needs a Home Tour on their blog.  So, I went blog hopping to the other amazing ladies at the conference to see their Home Tour and I felt like hanging my head in shame.  They have these perfectly decorated homes that I would be afraid to enter!!  So afraid!!  It’s like, do they really have children in these homes??

I felt like I was looking at a Pottery Barn Catalog and I expected to see listed to the right of the pictures the descriptions and prices.

** Leaf & Berry Vases   $59.00 – $119.00
Hand-formed designs of branching vines decorate these artisanal vases. The antique-white finish is hand glazed and rubbed to reveal the natural clay below.

** Beachcomber Baskets  $99.00 – $199.00
Our beachcomber baskets are hand woven from sustainable natural fibers and are ideal for storage and lightweight toting. Add a drip tray, and it can also be used as a planter.

It inspired me to clean house today and snap a few pictures of my house to share with you. 

This is the front of our 1950's ranch house taken more than a month ago before the toys were taken off the porch and new porch furniture was added. 

Let me show you around to some of the rooms.

The Master Bedroom

I picked out the pretty pink color of the room and amazingly Superdad doesn't mind. Our bathroom is off to the left behind the comfy pink chair.  Is the fur rug in front of the fireplace too much?

Shhh, don't tell my teenage daughter I took a picture of her bedroom for all to see.  You can see she is hard at work on her laptop.  I really love the pink floor in her room and I bet it wasn't original to the house.

Here's the babies room.  It's rare to see it so clean!!!!!!!  I think I stuffed all the junk under the beds.

Here's the guest bathroom, the shower is to the left.  This is where I hide with the door locked to play Words with Friends.  Dang it, I hope my children aren't reading this or I just BUSTED myself.

My Favorite Room

This is where you will mostly find me, I'm afraid to admit!  I recently gave the kitchen a new paint job for her 60th birthday!  As you can see, I'm pretty busy decorating a wedding cake for a friend.

I want to thank all the lovely ladies for letting me spy around their beautiful houses the past few days!  You guys need to get together and come beautify my house!!!  Just remember I have a four year old wild child!!  I also want to thank my girls for letting me play with their doll house without them making fun of me!  Without them, this Home Tour wouldn't have been possible.

I really hope you enjoy my Home Tour and please come back again soon.


LOL...I so loved the tour!!!...I thank your daughters for making this possible!
Mrs Furious said…
bwahahaha! Hands down the funniest post you've ever written. Hilarious.

xo, Mrs F
Tiffany said…
Loved it!! Beautiful house!! :)
Selina Fleshman said…
How FUN!! Had me cracking up!! I have now learned how to take pictures of my home, I have one problem though I have a boy so I am lacking a doll house, lol. :)

Haha! You had me for a minute & then I got it. I, she really likes bright colors. How hilarious is that. Thanks for coming to the conference, enjoyed meeting all of you. Loved the weekend!
Supermom said…
Shirley, Thank you thank you! Yeah, the girls were rather helpful! ha ha

Mrs F, really?? The funniest ever???

Tiffany, thank you so much. I owe it all to the doll house makers because they furnished it. :)

Krista, Thank you, you helped with the idea!!!

Selina, I try!!!! You can use the Bat Cave!!!

Rhoda, I had hoped you would get a good giggle!!!! :) I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your advice!
Lani said…
My sentiments exactly..I'm thinking my house is like a series of before/before/before pics and def not something I want to show others. Your "house" tour is awesome- of course, I wanna see the pool, the car, and the beach house too-- (barbie is a lucky gal)
Supermom said…
Lani, I think it's Fisher Price, hmmm, wonder if they also have the fun stuff? ha ha
Suzy said…
OK - you got me for a minute. I had to look twice at the first picture to make sure it was what I thought it was! Very clever and I really enjoyed your house tour. ;)
Supermom said…
I threw you off guard because I posted that real picture of my house as a teaser. ha ha

I'm funny like that.