Keeping it Real - Baby Products you can LIVE WITHOUT!!!

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child 19 years ago and I had to get every single thing for her because I was a new mom and didn’t know any better.  I wanted the nice expensive burp clothes instead of the cheaper practical cloth diapers to use!  I wanted the wipe warmer which is just plain ridiculous and I wanted the Diaper Genie.  HA HA HA !!!

Yeah, that was before I just blew off the pacifier and stuck it back in the baby’s mouth.  I was such a sweet innocent first mom who would pack the whole entire house in the diaper bag to make a quick visit to the grocery store instead of grabbing a baggie of cereal and throwing a diaper in my purse and hitting the store.

Wasn’t I just adorable?

So, back to the Diaper Genie.  I’m still surprised that these things are still on the market and that people actually register for them, buy them and really use them.  Let me hear a big ole “REALLY????”.  Come on, you know you want to say it so just say it.


First you have this plastic contraption that wraps up dirty diapers in plastic that resembles sausage links and then you have to buy these expensive refills.  I don’t like the fact that the dirty diapers will stay in the thing for up to a week and it does get stinky when you open the container to throw your poopy sausage links away.  It’s not practical!  It’s a total waste.  Seriously (REALLY) it is!

So, this is what Supermom has to say about the Diaper Genie:

BOTTOM LINE:  Keep your plastic grocery bags for throwing away a poopy diaper and instead of buying refills you can save that money for college because it will be better spent that way.  Just sayin’.


Laurel said…
I TOTALLY agree!! Mine would even harbor gnats.
Just as a changing table is too, because after that first diaper change in the AM the rest were done on the couch or the floor!
Walkers get a bad rep too! IF your supervising your kids appropriately, they won't fall down any stairs.
Supermom said…
I love my changing table but it is used as a dresser. I agree though, I always changed diapers where I happened to be.

I never owned a walker with any of my kids but I agree, if they are watched properly then no injuries would occur.