I quit!!!

I hate that I cannot follow through but I quit the 50 Shades of Grey challenge from my friend TJ!!

It’s too damn depressing wearing grey after day after grey. At least when I wear grey I break it up and wear color. (some of the time)

So, I’m a quitter!!!!!!!!

Still love me?


Jocelyn Dorsey said…
I guess that could be a bit depressing! Glad that's all you quit!
TJ said…
LMAO! At least I didn't ask you to go 30 days w/out coffee.
Jake B. said…
Whew thought I was going to have to make another trip beck to Asheville to find out what ur problem is glad it's jus a challenge ur quitting
Supermom said…
What did you think I was quitting?

TJ!!! That would have lead to mass casualties. ha ha

Yes, Jake just a challenge.