Friends, Food, Martinis and Creepy Jewelry
and a sleeping baby....

Today was a very nice day!  I had lunch plans with my friend Marlene and then I had plans to work on my blog.  I learned so many things over the weekend that I've been trying to get focused and work on my plan so I had designated this afternoon for work after my lunch date.  I even called in my awesome mother-in-law to get Lil O from school so they could do their cookie routine.  You know where she goes to get Lil O and then they walk about the "boutique" style grocery store and she buys her a cookie routine.  I'm pretty sure that all grandparents have this routine because I have seen it in the grandparents manual.

The Restaurant.  Asheville, North Carolina

My amazing beautiful friend.

A delicious martini.

Pear, bacon and blue cheese soup.  AMAZING!!!  I would have licked the bowl.

Pimento cheese, friend green tomato and bacon sandwich.  YUMMY!

We saw this in a local shop and I thought it was the creepiest thing.  EVER!!!  CREEPY!!!

So, I came home with plans to work but it didn't work out that way.  Baby M, who's been puny, fell asleep in my lap and I just enjoyed holding a sleeping baby in my lap.  Some times you end up doing something more amazing than what you had planned to begin with.  I can always work tomorrow.

Sleeping Baby M.