Boot Camp – Being there as our children grow up.

I had no problem with having a blogging topic today because my oldest daughter, who is in college, had to say goodbye as her boyfriend left for boot camp. I didn’t think I would be so sad about it but I was because I’d gotten used to having him around the house.

At first, like all parents, we try not to like the guys (or girls) that our children bring home because we don’t want to be friends with the enemy. I know they aren’t really the enemy but we just aren’t prepared to see our kids spread their wings and start making decisions on their own. All we can do as parents it teach them the best, let them know the difference between right and wrong and just hope and pray that they make the best decisions when faced with life.

Right now I am proudly standing beside my daughter and her boyfriend because he made a decision that was best for him and his life. He joined the National Guard and will be going through boot camp and then job training. We as a family will be here at home thinking about him, praying for him and missing him. I know one person that will be doing it more than some of us, his girlfriend who happens to be my daughter.

I know this will be very difficult for her and all of us (her family) but we will support her and be there for her the whole time that he is away because that’s what we do as parents. I’ve come to love her boyfriend and I will be impatiently awaiting his return as well. So, you see, he really wasn’t the enemy because he has brought so much love and so much laughter in my daughter’s life and that is what happens when you take caution to the wind and spread your wings and grow up a little bit.

It makes me smile to see the beautiful young woman that my daughter has become and I am so proud of her accomplishments. Then I have something else to be proud of, her boyfriend spreading his wings to fly.

Godspeed Joey.  We look forward to your return.

You can follow their journey on her blog My Guardsman.