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Things that I’ve overheard today and other random stuff.

The Weather in Asheville, North Carolina

This is what are weather is supposed to be for the next couple of days.  There is already power outages due to the wind.  I'm charging my phone and laptop as we speak but that will only last so long.  I hope that everyone stays safe with the storm that is headed up north.  I will be thinking and praying for everyone.

If I go MIA it's only because there is no power or Internet but fear not, I will be back.

There are stupid questions.

Imagine if you will a mom of four taking a bath alone.  A mom that is tired of people crashing her party of one to talk (about things that could wait until she isn't naked), kids jumping in the tub or to have a four year old poop in the potty.  This will ruin the bath experience all together!  Trust me.

So, I locked the door.

I even had chocolate.

As soon as I had lowered my cold body into the hot tub I hear two babies at the door.  And they were shocked that they couldn’t enter.


A little bit later I hear Superdad at the door.

“Why do you have the door locked?”


Superdad just asked me that question.

I will never say, “There are no stupid questions again.” because obviously there are.

Supermom Likes - Cool things I find while surfing the Internet

I surf the web a lot and here are a few things I think you should check out!!!

Found on ETSY!!!

Check it out HERE.

I was ranting the other day so I thought the phrase suited me perfectly.

It still does.

Wordless Wednesday - Wine and Food

I'm addicted to wine from Spain.

Dinner last night.

My Motto For Today (and forever)

The QUICKEST way to lose friends on Facebook!!! *insert a lot of laughter here*

Talk about politics and religion!  I tell you people this has been a rule for like forever!!  Didn’t your mom tell you this??  I usually keep to myself when it comes to politics and religion.  My opinions are my own and really none of your business.  You also won’t see me blaring it in your face because it’s my business, not yours.

Hell, I won’t even talk politics or religion with my own family and some friends because it’s like the biggest faux pas.  (Don’t even get me started on wearing white after Labor Day!)

So, this morning I wake up to a friend talking about the debate on her Facebook wall and she has over 100 comments so I had to read them of course.  Then I had to comment.  (Of course.)  Then I made it my Facebook status, and then I lost friends.  HA HA.  Oopps, my bad.

Here’s my Facebook Status:

A recent comment I posted about the debate late night:

I love you and all but there's a reason we don't talk politics or religion. ha ha I will say that Obama was given a shit start four years ago and there's no way he could have cleaned up the mess. I believe all politicians are like babies and should be changed often but with this said I will be voting for Obama because any sane woman wouldn't vote for Romney. I don't want my three daughters to have their personal choices taken away. I do it for their future. Romney will set us back in time and right now we need hope for the future.

SO, this is me giving you my take on Romney.  The biggest FAUX PAS to date by me.

Let me add that it’s none of Romney’s business when it comes to birth control and abortions.  NONE OF HIS BUSINESS.  EVER!!!!  He can go to church and practice whatever he wants (Mormon) but don’t push HIS beliefs on me and my daughters.

Don’t worry Romney I will take care of them and teach them right and wrong and all about birth control and if the topic of abortion comes up then it is their choice, not yours.  What about separation of church and state???

Oh yeah, there is that.


Mitt Romney and the Republican Party are determined to overturn Roe V. Wade. Romney has not supported equal pay for women (The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act). Romney has vowed to defund Planned Parenthood. Romney has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Romney doesn’t want health care to cover birth control. Romney says same sex marriage should be banned with a Constitutional Amendment.

Romney, stop trying to take us back to the dark ages!  Stop trying to force your beliefs on us.  Go back to your Mormon ways and get a few sister wives and leave us alone.

Oh Em Gee, it’s TRUE!!!

Today there was a teacher work day for my nieces so they came over to spend the day with me their favorite aunt.  Okay, I’m their only aunt so that automatically makes me their favorite aunt!  Last Friday was one of my nieces birthday so today I told her I’d take her out to lunch and that she could pick the place. 

She picked Applebee’s the friendly neighborhood grill.  Isn’t that their slogan? 

Okay, by now you should know that we are an all organic, like 95%, family when it comes to food and we rarely ever do fast food or chains.  You’d more likely find us at a local restaurant instead of the neighborhood grill that is in every single neighborhood across the great USA. 

I’m not joking when I say that I believe a WHOLE 5 pound bag of sugar was included with my meal right down to the sweet tea.  I felt like I was just drinking dry sugar from the bag.  I’m not kidding.  It was so sweet I thought perhaps I might go into a sugar coma!  Then when my food came it was so sweet as well.  I swear my meal had a WHOLE FIVE POUND BAG OF SUGAR in it!!!  I’m not overreacting when I say this.

I’ve never had such an awfully SWEET meal in my life.  It was awful!!!  Now I know why we don’t eat at chains anymore.  Once you’ve changed your diet like we have and only eat fresh veggies and fruit and organic products that when we do eat other places it makes me physically sick because my body is screaming, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!?!?  STOP IT!!!”

So, I had to admit to myself and you that


I can no longer deny it.  *shaking head*

Please don’t ever make me eat at a restaurant chain again that’s in every neighborhood.  Sorry Applebee’s but please for the love of everything holy, stop adding sugar to your food!  It’s not healthy and it tastes awful!

Keeping it Real - Baby Products you can LIVE WITHOUT!!!

I remember when I was pregnant with my first child 19 years ago and I had to get every single thing for her because I was a new mom and didn’t know any better.  I wanted the nice expensive burp clothes instead of the cheaper practical cloth diapers to use!  I wanted the wipe warmer which is just plain ridiculous and I wanted the Diaper Genie.  HA HA HA !!!

Yeah, that was before I just blew off the pacifier and stuck it back in the baby’s mouth.  I was such a sweet innocent first mom who would pack the whole entire house in the diaper bag to make a quick visit to the grocery store instead of grabbing a baggie of cereal and throwing a diaper in my purse and hitting the store.

Wasn’t I just adorable?

So, back to the Diaper Genie.  I’m still surprised that these things are still on the market and that people actually register for them, buy them and really use them.  Let me hear a big ole “REALLY????”.  Come on, you know you want to say it so just say it.


First you have this plastic contraption that wraps up dirty diapers in plastic that resembles sausage links and then you have to buy these expensive refills.  I don’t like the fact that the dirty diapers will stay in the thing for up to a week and it does get stinky when you open the container to throw your poopy sausage links away.  It’s not practical!  It’s a total waste.  Seriously (REALLY) it is!

So, this is what Supermom has to say about the Diaper Genie:

BOTTOM LINE:  Keep your plastic grocery bags for throwing away a poopy diaper and instead of buying refills you can save that money for college because it will be better spent that way.  Just sayin’.

Good Morning Asheville

I took this while walking my dog this morning.  The sun was rising and this one tree with yellow leaves was being hit with the rays and it was beautiful! 

Parenting 101 – When you hear “I’m not your friend anymore.”

The other day my very tender hearted seven year old came inside crying her eyes out because her BFF, who happens to be our neighbor, had told her, “I’m not your friend anymore.”  It all started because Lil O was playing with her big brother and not her BFF who was also in the yard playing. 

I was heartbroken and offered to walk her over to her house so they could talk and make up but she didn’t want to go.  She was just so sad and had that expression on her face thinking that she had really lost her best friend. 

What’s a parent to do?

I got down on her level to talk to her about her feelings and to tell her I was sorry.  I told her that her friend didn’t mean it and she was just upset that you were playing with your brother and since she is younger than you that she wasn’t able to express her feelings like, “Come play with me please.”

How come we always do that?  Ha ha.  I’m sure we’ve all said that at one time or another but I do hope we aren’t saying it NOW at our age!  I’m not your friend anymore is like unfriending someone on Facebook.  Ha ha.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Back to my heartbroken seven year old.  We talked to her about it and she is fine now and that makes me happy.  She was allowed to be sad but we reassured her that it wasn’t meant and that they are still friends and they’d be running around in the backyard soon enough.  (After Baby M feels better.)

What advice do you give your children when someone hurts their feelings?

Boot Camp

Touching photo of my daughter telling her boyfriend "see you soon" as he left for boot camp on Monday. You can follow their story on her blog.

Friends, Food, Martinis and Creepy Jewelry
and a sleeping baby....

Today was a very nice day!  I had lunch plans with my friend Marlene and then I had plans to work on my blog.  I learned so many things over the weekend that I've been trying to get focused and work on my plan so I had designated this afternoon for work after my lunch date.  I even called in my awesome mother-in-law to get Lil O from school so they could do their cookie routine.  You know where she goes to get Lil O and then they walk about the "boutique" style grocery store and she buys her a cookie routine.  I'm pretty sure that all grandparents have this routine because I have seen it in the grandparents manual.

Southern Bloggers Conference Pictures of Me

While cruising Cottage at the Crossroads I saw two pictures of me at a grown up conference!!  It was very exciting!  Like, THERE I AM!!!  ALL ADULTS AND NO CHILDREN!!!  So, I asked if I could share their pics with you guys so you can see me in action.

Our cocktail meet and greet.

Doing a Hometalk demonstration.

Welcome Home - Wordless Wednesday

Fun with Magnets

Just in case Mom doesn't see the magnets then lets use markers!

This was the best homecoming ever!!!  I need to go away more often!!!!

Taylor Swift's #1 Fan

We were at UNCA waiting for H to get out of class and Baby M's FAVORITE song came on the radio so I grabbed my iPhone!!!  Enjoy because we did.

My Home Tour

After attending the first ever Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh over the weekend I learned so many things from these amazing women.  First off, they are just plain awesome and then add some more awesome on top of that like rainbow sprinkles.  Second, these women are so crafty and have lots of advice to offer from blogging, social networking, painting with milk paint, painting with chalk paint, thrifting and designing on a budget which I know ZERO about.  Well, I know the blogging and social networking part but having a house straight from a magazine is something I know nothing about.

Southern Bloggers Conference

I’m halfway into the awesome Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh with Krista!  So far we’ve been to the Container Store (yesterday) for an awesome presentation!  I must go home and organize the whole house.  I might better call Superdad to warn him in advance that I will be shopping until I drop and will be planning the perfect dream closet when I return.  I can feel him twitching from here!

Then we also had an amazing cocktail party last night where we had yummy treats, tasty drinks and wonderful fellowship.  (All without a buzz.)  Contrary to what men may believe, we do not have pillow fights in our lacy panties at these events.  Sorry to ruin it for you.  And if there was a panty pillow fight then I wasn’t invited last night!

After a lovely meet and great I went out to dinner with some of our friends for dinner since they live in the nice town of Raleigh and that was nice!  Super nice. 

So, fast forward, after a wonderful night of rest we are halfway through the event and we just finished lunch.  I just wanted to write a quick update since I’ve been absent.

Miss you!  Much love!

I love her so much!

She will give you the clothes off her back!

Yesterday my sister came over with her arm candy to bring me breakfast and to hang out for a little bit.  She was wearing this pretty grey sweater and I told her so.  She went and got a shirt from the teenager and gave me the sweater!

Not kidding!

So, what was I to do?

Wear it today, of course!

A Salad in Pictures

The making of a salad. Spinach.

Good Childhood Memories from a BOX

Yeah, that's my spot.

The other day I was all snuggled up to my dog Sophie in bed because she likes to curl up with her head on my shoulder while my arm is wrapped around her.  I like it too.

I felt Baby M moving around then I felt her pull my arm from around Sophie, then I felt her pick up Sophie and drop her somewhere else on the bed and she quickly got in the spot.  HA HA!  Baby M was claiming her spot.

What was I to do?

I moved over and opened my other arm for Sophie to get in and she did then we all sent back to sleep.

Sick baby.

Not only have I been dealing with an annoying headache off and on for over two weeks but I've had a sick Lil O as well.

It started Friday night and then this morning she was puny again. Right now she is resting her head in my lap while I use an amazing app to blog on my iPhone.

Today I worked on packing for the trip and that's all.

Tomorrow I hope to grocery shop and then work on cleaning house before I leave on Friday.

I quit!!!

I hate that I cannot follow through but I quit the 50 Shades of Grey challenge from my friend TJ!!

It’s too damn depressing wearing grey after day after grey. At least when I wear grey I break it up and wear color. (some of the time)

So, I’m a quitter!!!!!!!!

Still love me?

What to pack and what not to pack.

On Friday I will be hitting the road with my friend/blogging freak/furniture rehabilitator to the first ever Southern Bloggers Conference in Raleigh.  That’s like a four hour drive and we all know I get carsick.  I wonder if she knows I get carsick?  I will be doped up on Dramamine on this four hour journey probably drooling on myself or talking crazy stuff.  Welcome to my world of travel! 

I’m working on a “Packing List” so I can get busy with the packing on Monday.  I like to be prepared unlike some PEOPLE, my husband!!!!!  When we travel as a family I get out the suitcase weeks in advance to pack!!!  I have too with a big family like mine!

This is what I have so far:

Clothes for cocktail party.
Clothes for the actual conference on Saturday.
Clothes for Sunday.
Bathing Suit, the hotel does have an indoor pool and a hot tub!
Jammies, of course.
Shoes and socks.
Bathroom stuff.
Laptop and phone charger.  Oh, and don’t forget your laptop.
Camera and charger.

What NOT to pack:
Princess dress and tiara for cocktail party.
Fuzzy pink robe.

I think that about covers it.  You can follow the Southern Bloggers Conference on Twitter!!! 

What's for dinner?

Dinner last night.  Asparagus, corn, onion, garlic, salt and dill with olive oil.

No Book Should Be Banned, such a tragedy with these amazing works of art.

Banned Books Week is the national book community's annual celebration of the freedom to read. Hundreds of libraries and bookstores around the country draw attention to the problem of censorship by mounting displays of challenged books and hosting a variety of events. The 2012 celebration of Banned Books Week will be held from September 30 through October 6. Banned Books Week was launched in 1982 in response to a sudden surge in the number of challenges to books in schools, bookstores and libraries. More than 11,300 books have been challenged since 1982.

According to the American Library Association, there were 326 challenges reported to the Office of Intellectual Freedom in 2011, and many more go unreported.

Did you know that The Hunger Games trilogy, by Suzanne Collins was number 3 of the list for 2011??  Reasons: anti-ethnic; anti-family; insensitivity; offensive language; occult/satanic; violence

I've read the trilogy with my friends and we loved the series.  It would have been a shame if we had not been able to read those books.

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week, Open Road Media is featuring 30 ebooks that have been challenged, censored, banned, or even burned!

Check out our Banned Books Week website to learn more about these titles, which include a range of genres, from Go the F**k to Sleep to Sophie's Choice to Einstein's Essays In Humanism. When you click on a cover image, you'll find the story behind the book; for instance, you'll discover that some feminists, who considered it "anti-feminist," rejected Helen Gurley Brown's Sex and the Single Girl and that Howard Fast's historical fiction was banned in New York public schools for supposed "vulgar scenes."

Find more banned-book stories, and enter to win all 30 ebooks by submitting your email address at the bottom right-hand corner of the page. Would you like to read excerpts from these featured ebooks before entering the giveaway? Check out our Banned Books Week Scribd collection.

Also, watch our latest Banned Books Week video, featuring Natalie Goldberg, Ken Bruen, James Salter, Alice Walker, Jonathan Carroll, and other notable authors, sharing their thoughts about censored books. (This video is also available via YouTube.)

Stay tuned to Open Road's blog this week, as each day we'll feature fresh content from our authors, expressing their thoughts and sharing their experiences surrounding banned books.

After all, any book worth banning is a book worth reading.

**Found in my email.**  :)

Shades of Grey Challenge Day ?

Grey Pants today.

The next Taylor Swift

Wordless Wednesday

I took this picture of the flowers sitting around my desk.  Yes, it is real.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month there is something I want to share with you. Someone very close to me is a breast cancer survivor. A wonderful woman who means the world to me. A woman that has always been there for me and my children.

She is a strong willed woman that has taught me how to be one as well. She is the first person I call when I get up in the morning or when I hear something I think she'll want to know, or if I want advice. She is also the person I call every night to tell her my love and that I'll talk with her in the morning.

This special Breast Cancer Survivor is my Mamaw. I blog about her all the time because she is such a BIG part of my life. She really means the world to me. Her name is Betty and she is 82 years young. She is a widow, my papaw died from a heart attack 20+ years ago. She never remarried because she always would say, "When you had the best you will never find anyone like them". They ran off and got married when she was 13 I believe. They had 2 sons together and then they basically raised me. I am the only grandchild, which I totally love. I have given her 4 wonderful great grandchildren that she SPOILS 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week.

Shades of Grey Challenge

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life (For Boys Only!)
By Terri Shearer Trenchard

I can remember many years ago searching the book store for books to give my daughter about puberty and such, things that we talked about yet I wanted her to have the books so she could read when she didn’t necessarily didn’t walk to talk to mom.  And there are times when they don’t want to talk to you and will not talk to you about the changes that they are going through.  I was a young girl once too; all moms were even though our daughters cannot see us that way or even begin to think we understand what they are going through.

But I also have a son that is 14 and he just started high school.  He is going through puberty and I can hear the changes myself with his voice and good golly I just bought him new shoes yesterday and they were a size 10!!!  I’m not ready to talk to my son about sex and I’m sure he doesn’t want me to even approach the subject.  Sure sure we talk about things but nothing even remotely about how girls and boys are different and how he should run when he hears, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”  Ha ha!  I tease. 

Vanilla Grape Pudding Cake

I bought these beautiful wine grapes the other day and had to make something with them!  You just cannot plop them in your mouth because they do have seeds.

Shades of Grey Challenge

All this grey is wearing me out!!!!!!

Baby Michelle

6 Months Old
I was at my grandmother's house yesterday and she had out all these pictures of me when I was the most adorable baby.  So, I scanned the pictures and thought I would share them with you.  Enjoy cute baby Michelle.