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Tummy Bug Hell

Wordless Wednesday - Pictures from yesterday

Things that I’ve overheard today and other random stuff.

The Weather in Asheville, North Carolina

There are stupid questions.

Look what I did today:

Some Pictures from my Day

Supermom Likes - Cool things I find while surfing the Internet

Wordless Wednesday - Wine and Food

My Motto For Today (and forever)

The QUICKEST way to lose friends on Facebook!!! *insert a lot of laughter here*

Oh Em Gee, it’s TRUE!!!

Keeping it Real - Baby Products you can LIVE WITHOUT!!!

Good Morning Asheville

Parenting 101 – When you hear “I’m not your friend anymore.”

Life in Asheville, North Carolina

Boot Camp

Friends, Food, Martinis and Creepy Jewelry
and a sleeping baby....

Southern Bloggers Conference Pictures of Me

Welcome Home - Wordless Wednesday

Taylor Swift's #1 Fan

My Home Tour

Boot Camp – Being there as our children grow up.

Southern Bloggers Conference

I love her so much!

She will give you the clothes off her back!

A Salad in Pictures

From my garden:

What's for dinner? (last night)

Wordless Wednesday

Good Childhood Memories from a BOX

Yeah, that's my spot.

Sick baby.

I'm addicted.

I quit!!!

What to pack and what not to pack.

Shades of Grey on a Friday

The Challenge Continues

What's for dinner?

No Book Should Be Banned, such a tragedy with these amazing works of art.

Shades of Grey Challenge Day ?

The next Taylor Swift

Wordless Wednesday

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Shades of Grey Challenge

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life (For Boys Only!)
By Terri Shearer Trenchard

Vanilla Grape Pudding Cake

Shades of Grey Challenge

Baby Michelle