Young Love

Holding her boyfriend's hand at hospital.

Last night I took my teenage daughter to the ER after I found her crying in bed, she hadn't been feeling well all day even though we were playing tourists in our own hometown (another post later).

So, we waited.  We people watched.  My daughter cried with pain.  I kept seeking out nurses for help for my daughter.  Moms can be pretty vocal when their baby is in pain.  Ask all the nurses that I bothered last night.  I’d taken my notebook with me but had forgotten my pen so I was unable to write!!!!!  *gasp*  It’s like not having power when your laptop is sitting in your lap or the bulb dead when you want to read or when it’s raining and you want to go outside and sit in the sun.

People were calling and texting me as I periodically updated my Facebook.  Thanks to all those warm and fuzzy thoughts! 

After waiting three hours we were finally in a room so I wouldn't have to hear obnoxious mothers yelling at their children, see children with broken bones because of sporting injuries and see people throwing up.

Then we waited some more.

After being in the hospital four and a half hours we were finally on our way home with antibiotics for strep.  Poor teenager is feeling pretty rough and in quarantine because she is contagious and we don’t want anyone else sick.  Superdad has been spraying the Lysol and I’ve just been sitting in a daze because I need sleep.  I will require sleep pretty soon.


give her hugs from me, I hope she is feeling better soon.
Supermom said…
Thank you.