She's a TV Freak!

I feel like a TV freak come fall and it’s depressing me.  I have the week lined up and I’ve made sure the DVR is set to record things that may come on at the same time or after I go to bed!  Is that normal?  I don’t watch much TV in the summer because we are busy and it’s mostly reruns anyway.  But once September gets here and all the new shows start coming on it gets all CrAzY at our house because I have shows I want watch and Superdad has shows and sports that he wants to watch and the kids have shows too.

We may have to buy a dry erase board to set up a schedule.   LOL
Monday we have Castle (MY FAVE) and Warehouse 13 (which mostly records for us to watch later and it’s getting lame.)

Wednesday we have Modern Family which will make anyone laugh that has a pulse.

Thursday it gets complicated because there are several shows we like and several on at the same time.  The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and Person of Interest are on this night which makes all of us happy because we all get to watch a show we enjoy.

Friday is Star Trek DVD night with Superdad.  He’s still recreating us watching the same episode from 44 years ago and we just started season two.  Lord help me.  Nahh, we all enjoy it. 

And last but not least we have Doctor Who on Saturday night!  We are huge fans and LOVE the show!!!!!

I am beginning to think we watch too much TV but it’s getting cold outside so what else is there to do?  HA HA!


TJ said…
Um, you forgot the best & most important show that just started, again, last week. Hawaii Five-0. Steve McGarrett is soooo tasty!
Supermom said…
I have yet to watch it TJ!