Monday Monday Monday

I survived the weekend of trying to do absolutely nothing!  I mean nothing.  I would have preferred to stay in my jammies but there were things to do like grocery shop and I went to Steinmart after hearing there was an amazing sale.  I returned home with some amazing pajamas that had cocktails on them!  SAWEET!!!!  WIN!!!! 

Let’s see, what else did I do?  We went out to lunch on Saturday to White Duck Taco where they have an awesome sign, “Unattended kids will be given an espresso and a new puppy.”  I thought that was hilarious!  If that doesn’t make you super glue your kid to you then I don’t know what would.  Know what I mean?  Hell if I want to take a hyped up kid home with a new puppy!!!!!

Hmm, what else did I do?  *scratching chin*

Oh wait; we did watch Doctor Who Saturday night.  So when little black cubes start falling from the sky, do not collect them.  That’s a bad sign when something falls from the sky, just a friendly FYI!  Now you know.

This morning I’ve taken two kids to school, picked one kid up, went to Liberty Street Baggage and then cleaned my little house by the lake.  Spotless!  Next I will work on laundry and threaten people about shoes worn in the house, eating in the living room and carrying their drink through the house.

Wait, I pretty much do that every day to begin with. 

The great debate, in my head, has started.  To get my hair cut or let it grow.  It happens.  This debate.  I hate when it happens.  I think short hair suits me and then I will see a picture of me with hair.  Wanna see an old glamour shot of me when I was 26 and with hair??????

Michelle with hair that didn’t include grey!  Imagine that.

So, I see this picture and it makes me miss having hair.  I really tried to let it grow a couple of years ago when I turned 35 but I just couldn’t do it anymore.  *twitch* 

So, I will battle this great debate in my head, on Facebook and on Twitter so feel free to join in on the convo.

I think we should just all buzz our hair off like Sinead.  I will if you will.

I think I could totally pull this off:


Kelly said…
I've been threatening to buzz my hair for months because my thyroid makes me shed so bad. My husband would flip his lid if I did, though. Maybe if I show him your post and tell him all the cool kids are doing it he'll change his tune lol.
Laurel said…
I so totally want to pull that off!
Supermom said…
Kelly ~ I like that. All the cool kids are doing it.

I just had it all cut off and I love it!
TJ said…
Who the hell goes to Stein Mart for a sale & comes home with pajamas? Oh, I mother. WT?
Supermom said…
ROFL!!! I told you they had COCKTAILS ON THEM!!! GEESH!!!!