How blogging saved me.

It has been over seven years since I was in the working field as a drug store manager. Dressing up. Remembering safe numbers and security codes. Counting money. Unloading stock trucks. Stocking shelves. Ordering. Dealing with customers and dealing with employees. Ahhhh, such a glamorous life. I tease!!

I go from the above to wiping snotty noses with my shirts. My dress code has changed from heels to clean pj's. Or even semi clean pj's. Stepping on toys. Dealing with tantrums. Managing naps and carpool. I am now a personal chef, art director, nurse, playmate, monkey bars, laundry attendant, therapist and insert everything a mother does during the day for her family.

I began blogging when I was pregnant with my third child over seven years ago on a whim.  It was really awful blogging by the way.  No meaning really.  I'm proud to say it has gotten better over time.  I really never know what I'm going to blog about until I sit down and think about it.  If I'm lucky one of the kids or Superdad will do something and that's my material for the day.  I'm sorry but sometimes that is how it works out.  Living in the house of a blogger makes you say things you never thought you'd say before.  Like, "DO NOT BLOG ABOUT THIS!" or "I READ YOUR BLOG TODAY.”

Usually when I hear "I read your blog today" it cannot be good.  Then I'm racking my brain to remember what did I exactly blog about to begin with.  Should I not have told the WWW what was on my mind?  Sometimes people in the house will question why did I in fact blog about a certain topic.  My response is one of two things, "If you don't like what you read then stop reading the blog" or "I have no problem saying it out loud in person so therefor I have no problem typing it up".

Becoming a mom blogger has saved me.  It has given me an outlet to express how I am feeling.  It lets me connect with other moms and dads who may be facing the same thing.  It makes me feel like I'm not going crazy being home for over seven years basically doing the same thing over and over again.  That's roughly 2556 days of almost doing the exact same thing every single day.  See, blogging has saved me.

At times I find it hard to explain that I am a Professional Blogger or Writer because that is how I describe myself.  I think I am a Professional Blogger or Writer.  I blog almost every day.  I try to blog about things that other people may want to read about, I get Sponsors, I get lots of awesome free trips, I get lots of great things to review and I am given wonderful opportunities with companies to do so many things.

As I sit here trying to absorb into the computer and type up this blog I have a four year old asking me a million questions. 

Yes, that is what mom blogging is all about.