50 Shades of Grey
Supermom Style

My friend Twilight Junkie sent me a text today about shopping at Steinmart and buying pajamas.  She was literally like, “WTF!  Steinmart and PAJAMAS!!” 

Don’t be hatin’ TJ! 

So, she has challenged me to a 50 Shades of Grey blog challenge.  Yes, you guessed it.  I’ve already proved to you how many grey shirts that I own so TJ wants me to take a picture for 30 days wearing a grey shirt.  (This is how I feel about the book.)

I must be crazy, or bored, to accept.  Thank goodness she doesn’t live in Asheville or I bet she’d get me in all sorts of trouble.  Ha ha.

So, Day 1 of Grey.  This picture was taken today after my haircut and, of course, I’m in a grey sweater.  From now on I’ll post a pic holding my phone to show off my grey-ness and the date for the next 29 days.