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WindTunnel® Air™ Bagless Upright
A Review

I’ve always been a Hoover fan and being able to review the WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright didn’t disappoint at all!  Our house is very busy with four kids and one dog so you can imagine how much I have to vacuum the house, a lot just in case you were wondering.

This upright vacuum was very easy to use and maneuver around toys and furniture.  The suction was awesome!!  I don’t think the area rugs in my house have ever been this clean!  When I emptied the container, after not vacuuming for two weeks, I was horrified at what was vacuumed up!  Even more so because I don’t allow shoes to be worn upstairs!!!  YIKES!! 

Plus, the vacuum isn’t confusing to use because there are two main buttons, the power button and one that controls if the brush spins, for hardwood floors.  Yes, vacuuming can be this easy.

The attachments were super easy to use and conveniently placed on the vacuum.  I was able to vacuum out window sills and behind furniture (where one tends to forget to dust).

My favorite feature is that the WindTunnel Air Upright is BAGLESS!!!!!  No more running out of bags or having their stinky scent when you vacuum with a full bag.  Genius!  Add a reusable washable filter and you are in vacuum heaven!! 

Hoover you didn’t disappoint this Supermom.  I thank you!!  I thank you a lot!!

Just for fun I made a video!

**I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.  Thank you Mom Central for allowing me to be on this review team!**


Laurel said…
OMG!! You nut!!! TY for the HUGE laugh!! H? I couldn't not, not laugh either!!
Aubury L. said…
i love the video
Supermom said…
Hey now, don't be making fun of my vacuum love. ha ha

It's good to be silly! Makes life much better.
karenmed409 said…
I like that you can wash the filter.. saves money!
Thank You for sharing

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