To live.

All finished at Mans Ruin.
Yesterday I got another tattoo.  It just happened all of a sudden and I love it.  I’ve been thinking about it; remember I was going with a typewriter theme because the typewriter has amazing memories for me and my papaw.

I changed my mind about the typewriter because it wouldn’t go with the other tattoo on my back so I went with one word in an old typewriter font.

I love it!

The wonderful Heather did my tattoo and distracted me by talking to me about what I do, blogging and such.  I tried not to hold my breath but it did hurt just a tiny bit.  Ha ha.

To pursue a positive, satisfying existence; enjoy life.

I got my tattoo at Mans Ruin in Asheville, NC.  This is not a paid advertisement; I paid for my tattoo.