Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Wonder Box
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The Wonder Box is pure MAGIC!!!!  It’s the MAGIC box at my house because my kids loved it, I loved it, we were able to enjoy it together and the things in the box can be played with over and over again!  As a parent with four children I’m always trying to come up with things for them to do and when we visit places like Target we are always browsing the craft section but it’s always the same thing and I don’t think my vacuum can take sucking up any more beads at this point!  I also know that there aren’t many choices for those magic markers and I get so tired of making JEWELRY!!!!!!!!!!

The Wonder Box is different because it actually teaches your children.  They can learn to make things because it’s an experiment in every box!!!!!!!!

In every Wonder Box, for kids aged 3-6, you'll get 3 fantastic hands-on projects, plus extra treats that spark creativity and build essential skills for kindergarten.

Here’s how it works.

*You choose a plan.
*Kids love mail!
Wonder Box arrives on your doorstep, addressed to your child.
*Make memories together
Get three creative projects and every supply you need to do them. Plus, extra treats every month!
*Learning that lasts
Quality materials and projects made for repeat play.

AND IT COMES STRAIGHT TO YOU HOUSE!!  No more having to tear a screaming kid from the toy department or buy the same coloring book for the 100th time because there are no more choices.  And most importantly no more having enough beads to make everyone in the country a necklace.

Our box was called the Mad Scientist, bwah ha ha.  Isn’t that how a mad scientist laughs??  I thought so.

The girls loved the box.  We were able to make an I Spy Bottle together!!  It was fun!  We added enough letters to spell all our names, our dog’s name and the word LOVE.  Our whole family in one bottle to spy!  Awesome!!!!

Then we moved onto Magnet Magic!  Lil O loved testing the magnet on things around the house and using it to pick up her Bingo pieces while we were playing.  I love Bingo and I won the first game!  WOOT WOOT!  I know you are supposed to let your kids win but at times it just happens.  Moms do win games at times. 

After a couple of games of Bingo we played with the Fun Pack and the girls learned about Volcanoes and an Octopus.  Did you know an Octopus has three hearts???  Does that mean they love more???

We haven’t made the Bubble Bread recipe yet but the card is in the kitchen and I really enjoy cooking with my children so I hope we are able to make the bread really soon.

The Wonder Box is perfect for parents, grandparents, aunt & uncles to give the child in their life for any occasion or for no occasion at all.

Want to try a box?  You can use this code SUPERFIVE and you will get $5.00 off any Wonder Box purchase.  SAAAWEET!!! 

Also you can enter this giveaway to win ONE Wonder Box for the little one if your life!

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