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The Great Gatsby

Recently I read The Great Gatsby again and I admit that it’s because of the new movie coming out on Christmas Day that has Leonardo Dicaprio playing Gatsby!  I’ve never been a fan of Leo because I always saw him as a boy but when I saw the previews of the movie, I melted! 

So, I bought the book and read it again.  Ahh, it was a nice read even with the depressing ending.

I’ll just pretend that Gatsby and Daisy ride off into the sunset together….

Another thing about the movie that I’m looking forward to is the soundtrack!  Hearing Jack White sing Love is Blindness is AWESOME!!!!  Very awesome, HOT and sexy!!  MMMM.

I loaned my book to my friend Marlene or I’d grab it right now to read again. 

Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald for writing such an amazing book. 

Here's the trailer for you to enjoy!

"You always look so cool. The man in the cool beautiful shirts."


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