With Superdad
Last night was my 20th high school reunion and I’m ashamed that I became too intoxicated.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  Right before the celebration with drinks Superdad took me out to dinner at a place downtown and we left very full!  It was delicious!  So after my normal two drinks I felt just fine, nothing at all so I drank one more drink and then another one. 

Then it all hit me at once.  Oh my goodness, I totally missed the nice tipsy phase to the I don’t think I can walk in heels .  Thankfully it happened later in the night after talking to everyone and dancing to music from our high school days.

I want to thank Superdad for the awesome date night with an excellent meal and I want to thank him for being my awesome hunky handsome date for my reunion.  I also want to thank him for taking care of me and getting me home.  I love you honey.

His dinner.


Dressed for reunion.

At reunion.