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Rapture by Susan Minot

I recently read a book on vacation, well, I wouldn’t say read more like read about 1/3 of the book then skimmed through the rest so now YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!  Save your time because you cannot get it back.

The book I tried to read was Rapture by Susan Minot.  I thought it would have been perfect vacation reading while sitting under my umbrella as I listened to the ocean waves but I was wrong.

Spoilers ahead, so enter at your own risk.

When you read the cover of the book you think, cool, a couple spend the day together in hopes of rekindling their romance.  That’s why I thought it would be a perfect vacation read at the beach.  But when you start reading the book it’s totally different.  I was surprised because this book received a lot of good press.  Too bad they didn’t ask me or I would have cleared things up.  I’m nice like that.

The book revolves around Kay and Benjamin in bed while she’s giving him a blow job.  I mean literally in the present time of the book they are in bed while she’s trying to give him a blow job while they are thinking about the past and how they ended up where they are.  Thank goodness she finally finished it at the end of the book or I was going to go crazy!!!!!

They were too busy thinking back and never really got into their “love” making.  She met Benjamin while he was engaged to Vanessa, blah blah blah…. 

Only to find out Benjamin is a big old douche bag and was sort of wishing the blow job would end because he was going to be late to meet Vanessa.  So much for rekindling their romance.

Please, even though the book is a small read, PASS IT BY!!!  Do not get sucked in by the cover.

This proves the old point that a book isn’t always like its cover.

Sorry Susan, I really tried to like and enjoy your book but it didn't happen.  I'd rather read Nicholson Baker.  


TJ said…
How long did this blow job go on?
Felicity Shagwell said…
What was the name of the book? Rapture or Sucker?
Allota Fagina said…
Is it just me or are you staying w/ the same theme for your blogs? Yesterday it was the Hoover and today it's a blow job.
Supermom said…
TJ, THE WHOLE BOOK!!! Yeah, like that's gonna happen if you do it right!!!

Felicity, SUCKER!!! HA HA!!!

Allota, ROFL. It appears I do have a theme going on. Tomorrow we should talk about doing a BJ right so it doesn't last the length of a book.

TJ, you AKA's kill me!!! ROTFLMBO