50 Shades of Grey, my ass

The only 50 Shades of Grey that I need to worry about are the 50 shades of grey in my closet, from shirts, sweaters, pants and dresses.  After all grey is my favorite color like I’ve stated before.  HA HA!

I’ve heard from people that the series of books are total crap and poorly written yet they have made this woman millions because of a movie deal!  Really!!!  I heard that a seventh grader could write better. 

So instead of reading a crap book I’d rather read something that’s actually well written.  For example I just read The Great Gatsby again and currently reading Cloud Atlas.

So, no!  This woman will not be wasting her time reading the series but will be adding more shades of grey to my closet.


Laurel said…
Ditto on the book, I dunno about clothing.
TJ said…
Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Are you still tipsy from your reunion?