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Genius I tell you!

Regifting because it's that good.

Wordless Wednesday

I like the new look.

Sometimes it takes time.

What's for dinner?

All for 4.99

To live.

A family that sings together, no matter how out of tune, has a terrific time!

Wordless Wednesday


50 Shades of Grey, my ass


Asheville, North Carolina

Siri completes me.

The Great Gatsby

The things that I think about:

Wordless Wednesday

I’m nice like that.
Rapture by Susan Minot

Happy First Day of School

What's for dinner?

Crossing over to the dark side.
Where they have iPhones.

I Miss You

Urban Dictionary – Brand Whore


Good night.

Wordless Wednesday

Surfer Gurl

My Piggies

Best Seat in the House

Nope, not gonna happen.

Out of Control

Supermom is going to the
Southern Bloggers Conference

Girls Night Out

I’m fine.