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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

Genius I tell you!

Baby M wrote my name all by herself. She asked me how to spell my name. I told her M O M and she wrote it all by herself.

Regifting because it's that good.

First, I'd like to take a moment to share my love of organic brown sugar. Usually I don't buy organic brown sugar. I don't see it something I'd spend extra money on for it to be an organic purchase. Until now. I wanted to only shop at ONE grocery store this trip so I picked up a bag of store brand organic brown sugar.

O.M.G. I really would like to fill my bathtub up with this stuff and roll around in it for a couple of days. It is the most beautiful textured brown sugar I have ever seen. I never knew that someone could actually lust over brown sugar.

I was just measuring out some brown sugar pressing it firmly in the measuring cup when the affair started. It felt so awesome on my fingers. Seriously! This picture doesn't do it justice.

Breath in. Breath out. Okay.

In recent posts I have mentioned all the new cookbooks and cooking going on in the superhouse. I really haven't had the time to share the recipes with you. I am making myself sit down this morning and type a couple up for you. Now, if I can get Lil O and Baby M to stop distracting me that would make things easier! Even breastfeeding Baby M while typing with one hand at times!!!!

Wordless Wednesday

It's all in the box. 

To live.

All finished at Mans Ruin.
Yesterday I got another tattoo.  It just happened all of a sudden and I love it.  I’ve been thinking about it; remember I was going with a typewriter theme because the typewriter has amazing memories for me and my papaw.

I changed my mind about the typewriter because it wouldn’t go with the other tattoo on my back so I went with one word in an old typewriter font.

I love it!

The wonderful Heather did my tattoo and distracted me by talking to me about what I do, blogging and such.  I tried not to hold my breath but it did hurt just a tiny bit.  Ha ha.

To pursue a positive, satisfying existence; enjoy life.

I got my tattoo at Mans Ruin in Asheville, NC.  This is not a paid advertisement; I paid for my tattoo.

Wordless Wednesday

My view yesterday.


Last night I made the best asparagus EVER to go with dinner!!!!!  I heated up some olive oil and added some onion to cook until tender, and then I added the chopped up asparagus, garlic, salt and more olive oil.  I cooked the asparagus until done.  Before serving, I sprinkled with freshly grated goat’s milk Gouda cheese.

50 Shades of Grey, my ass

The only 50 Shades of Grey that I need to worry about are the 50 shades of grey in my closet, from shirts, sweaters, pants and dresses.  After all grey is my favorite color like I’ve stated before.  HA HA!

I’ve heard from people that the series of books are total crap and poorly written yet they have made this woman millions because of a movie deal!  Really!!!  I heard that a seventh grader could write better. 

So instead of reading a crap book I’d rather read something that’s actually well written.  For example I just read The Great Gatsby again and currently reading Cloud Atlas.

So, no!  This woman will not be wasting her time reading the series but will be adding more shades of grey to my closet.


With Superdad
Last night was my 20th high school reunion and I’m ashamed that I became too intoxicated.  I didn’t do it on purpose.  Right before the celebration with drinks Superdad took me out to dinner at a place downtown and we left very full!  It was delicious!  So after my normal two drinks I felt just fine, nothing at all so I drank one more drink and then another one. 

Then it all hit me at once.  Oh my goodness, I totally missed the nice tipsy phase to the I don’t think I can walk in heels .  Thankfully it happened later in the night after talking to everyone and dancing to music from our high school days.

I want to thank Superdad for the awesome date night with an excellent meal and I want to thank him for being my awesome hunky handsome date for my reunion.  I also want to thank him for taking care of me and getting me home.  I love you honey.

Asheville, North Carolina

Driving by the lake yesterday I saw these two beautiful creatures so I turned around, found a place to park and we (me and Olivia) ran through the field to take pictures of them.

Amazing.  I named them Harry and Harry Jr.

Siri completes me.

This morning my phone told me, "Supermom has a nice ring to it." I told her she didn't have to butter me up. She responded, "I aim to please." ha ha ha

The Great Gatsby

Recently I read The Great Gatsby again and I admit that it’s because of the new movie coming out on Christmas Day that has Leonardo Dicaprio playing Gatsby!  I’ve never been a fan of Leo because I always saw him as a boy but when I saw the previews of the movie, I melted! 

So, I bought the book and read it again.  Ahh, it was a nice read even with the depressing ending.

I’ll just pretend that Gatsby and Daisy ride off into the sunset together….

Another thing about the movie that I’m looking forward to is the soundtrack!  Hearing Jack White sing Love is Blindness is AWESOME!!!!  Very awesome, HOT and sexy!!  MMMM.

I loaned my book to my friend Marlene or I’d grab it right now to read again. 

Thank you F. Scott Fitzgerald for writing such an amazing book. 

Here's the trailer for you to enjoy!

"You always look so cool. The man in the cool beautiful shirts."

The things that I think about:

I was trimming some of Sophie’s hair and thought about something totally crazy that has made my husband and teenage daughter laugh AT ME!  My baby, Sophie, has been fixed and cannot be a mommy and she’s never been around a male dog before.


It made my heart sink to think about my baby, Sophie, not being a “baby” anymore.

I’m just not ready for any of my daughters to be deflowered!!!!  Especially while being boarded.

The teenager asked me, “Would you rather it have been at the park?” 

“Yes, that way I would have been in control and stopped it!!!!!!”

My poor poor Sophie. 

Yes, I need to get a new hobby or something....

Wordless Wednesday

I’m nice like that.
Rapture by Susan Minot

I recently read a book on vacation, well, I wouldn’t say read more like read about 1/3 of the book then skimmed through the rest so now YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!  Save your time because you cannot get it back.

The book I tried to read was Rapture by Susan Minot.  I thought it would have been perfect vacation reading while sitting under my umbrella as I listened to the ocean waves but I was wrong.

Spoilers ahead, so enter at your own risk.

WindTunnel® Air™ Bagless Upright
A Review

I’ve always been a Hoover fan and being able to review the WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright didn’t disappoint at all!  Our house is very busy with four kids and one dog so you can imagine how much I have to vacuum the house, a lot just in case you were wondering.

This upright vacuum was very easy to use and maneuver around toys and furniture.  The suction was awesome!!  I don’t think the area rugs in my house have ever been this clean!  When I emptied the container, after not vacuuming for two weeks, I was horrified at what was vacuumed up!  Even more so because I don’t allow shoes to be worn upstairs!!!  YIKES!! 

Plus, the vacuum isn’t confusing to use because there are two main buttons, the power button and one that controls if the brush spins, for hardwood floors.  Yes, vacuuming can be this easy.

Happy First Day of School

What's for dinner?

I threw this together rather quickly because I had just walked in the door and had a lot of things to do.  I had a tandoori rotisserie chicken in the fridge along with some honey carrots (leftovers from a day ago) and some pretty green peas. 

In a skillet I added the chicken in pieces, the carrots, a couple of handfuls of peas, salt, curry powder and a lot of olive oil and heated while the pasta cooked.  After I plated I grated some manchego cheese on top.


Did I mention that Lil O starts SECOND GRADE tomorrow?!??!?!?

I’m going to go cry now.

Crossing over to the dark side.
Where they have iPhones.

Yes, you read that correctly.  After being a faithful Blackberry user I had to switch to a Droid, because it suited my needs better, then today (gulp) I took a big step and retired my contrary broken Droid for a nice and shiny brand new iPhone 4S and I'm getting the hang of it.

It's rather nice and I'm looking forward to a long lasting relationship especially since I've met Siri.  She calls me Supermom and I know that we will be BFF!  Now if I could only get her to help cook dinner then I'd be on easy street!

**I wasn't paid to post this and I didn't receive a new phone to write this post.  I bought this phone myself through my cell phone provider.**

I Miss You

I'm sooo moving to the beach.

Urban Dictionary – Brand Whore

Someone who buys and prominently displays name brand products (or products that feature large corporate logos) under the belief that such loyalty to a label or corporation is a cachet and brings prestige to their otherwise lack of taste, regardless of the actual quality or value of the products.

I’m not the above and if you look through my closet then you will agree.  I don’t care what brand something is, I only care if it’s comfy and if I like the color.  I love my cheap tees from Target over any $30+ tee any day cause that’s just my thing. 

I don’t wear name brand jeans or even know the difference.   I also absolutely refuse to wear clothing with the brand written all over it because they aren’t paying me to advertise for them.  So if and when they decide to do that then I might jump on board but until then I will let others advertise for them for free.

Sure, I own some nice things and most likely they were given to me by my husband because he is really awesome at gift giving!  The best at it actually.  So if you see me carrying my expensive Dooney & Bourke then that’s the one he gave me for our wedding anniversary.   I also splurge on nice shoes because a nice pair of shoes will last a lifetime!  Really, they do!!!!  I also splurge on perfume because I love Chanel #5 and it is my scent, along with Lauren and Obsession.  A girl has to smell delicious! 

SO last week I hit King Street in Charleston where the other half shops for their name brand clothes.  The expensive clothing that could pay my daughter’s tuition at the Montessori School.  Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.  It was amazing to walk into these stores because they smelled delicious and you could actually get a buzz on the soft textures and bright colors.  Like a clothing orgasm.  The sights, smells and textures…..   MMM……  Delicious yummy expensive clothes.

I caved.

I bought a beautiful Leather Handbag from Lucky only to realize it was lamb so I keep giving it a hug when I go to carry it, which is everywhere now because it’s so beautiful, smells delicious and feels like buttah. 

Must. Carry. Everywhere. 

Then I was introduced to a Juicy Couture store.  *swoon*  Where have you been all my like Juicy???  I wish there was a store in Asheville.  WAIT, no I don’t because I’d actually have to get a real money paying job to keep up my Juicy obsession.  Ha ha.

Superdad bought me a dress at Juicy.  A beautiful wispy expensive dress at Juicy.  But I love it!!!  It shows off my long slender legs and hides my baby belly.  Ha ha.

I’ve been introduced to expensive shopping and me like!!!!!

*twitch twitch*

Now what???  Will this require therapy???????  Retail therapy I hope!

What are some of your guilty pleasures?


Last week while sitting in a brightly colored beach chair letting the ocean tickle my toes I watched my children play in the ocean.  I watched them splash in the ocean, ride the waves and also run from the waves (Baby M).  It was awesome.

I just sat there watching them and every once in a while move my chair back when the water started touching my bottom.  Ha ha.  I just had this overwhelming since of peace while sitting there watching them.

It was really really nice.  They are amazing and at times it’s hard to believe that I helped make them.  I guess I did good after all. 

My children.

Supermom is going to the
Southern Bloggers Conference

Yes, you read that right!  The woman who doesn’t go to conferences is finally going to her first conference after blogging for almost EIGHT years!  AND I’m super excited about it!

I’m also attending this conference with a friend of mine that also has an amazing blog and it was her idea!!!!  So, last week we got tickets and we reserved our hotel room.  DO you know what that means?  It means three days and two nights of hanging out with wonderful bloggers who speak the same language that I do!  You know, blogging language?  We all have a special bond and we get to hang out for three days and two nights!  How cool is that?

So, Southern Bloggers Conference here Supermom comes!

Girls Night Out

Just a bunch of beautiful girls having a wonderful dinner and drinks.

I’m fine.

I’ve been away since last week except for reviews and giveaways that have been posted but I’ve not given you a personal detailed summery of things going on in the Supermom house.

I’ve had the pleasure of having a migraine since Sunday, in fact I woke up with it.  Lucky me.

Monday I felt like I’d been run over by a rather large truck and then the headache came back on Tuesday.

Monday – I went to Liberty Street Baggage to see the new bags being made with this beautiful leather!  LOVE!!!!

Tuesday – My teen had a doc’s appointment after having more “fainting” spells.  Turns out we just have a fainter in the house and it’s nothing serious.

Today I started cleaning house for the first time in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!  Can you believe this OCD woman hasn’t cleaned house in two weeks?

That’s it.  Pretty boring, huh?