Wordless Wednesday

(on a Thursday)

A few weeks ago I was shopping for my mother-in-law and found the perfect outfit that I thought would have been perfect for my high school reunion in a few weeks.  It’s my 10th 20th reunion so I wanted to look nice.  Everyone wants to look nice at their reunion.  I for one will be sucking in my belly and pushing my boobs out, like all the other women there.

We get to talk about our life, our spouses, or talk about being single; we get to talk about our children and what we do to make a living.  Or in my case, what I do to stay sane.  I blog just so you know.  I’d probably blog several times a day but I’d hate to torment you like that.

So, back to my outfit, every one said it wasn't reunion appropriate.  Sniff.  I really liked that outfit, that’s why I kept it.  Ha ha. 

Yesterday, my friend Marlene came by the house to pick me up and we went shopping.  Everyone agreed that I should dress “hot” for my reunion so we were going for hot but not hooker-ish.  Know what I mean?

Of course you do.

This is what we ended up with:

I have gotten so many compliments over the new and improved “hot” outfit.  What do you think about it??

“Hi, I’m Michelle, married with four children and this amazing dress is a size 8.”

Oh, and check out these shoes!!!

I might as well brag about the delicious martini lunch we enjoyed after shopping!

Life is Good.  I have great friends to hang out with.  :)


Odie Langley said…
The after shot is certified "HOT"
Laurel said…
“Hi, I’m Laurel & my friend is Michelle, married with four children and her amazing dress is a size 8.” I live vicariously through her! HA!!
Supermom said…
Thanks Odie!

Laurel, You're funny! I love you! :)