What's for dinner?
Supermom Cooks

Easy Pasta!!!!  I make this all the time with different veggies, meats, spices and cheeses because you can just mix it up to make a different meal each time.  It's hot here in Asheville, too hot to be in a kitchen for a long time to prepare a meal.  (No matter how much I'm okay with it, I cannot give my kids cold cereal to eat three times a day.)

Stuff you'll need, my ingredients are organic:

Veggie of your choice ~ This time I used some pretty organic asparagus, the skinny ones because I like their taste better.
Onion ~ Sliced
Chicken ~ I used a rotisserie from the deli.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dried Basil ~ From my garden.  :)
Garlic Powder
Pasta ~ Any kind will do.
Cheese ~ I used a Goat's Milk Gouda this time because it's nice and salty and I knew it would pair awesomely with the asparagus.  (I was right.)

Start your pasta because everything comes together pretty quick.  In a skillet pour some olive oil in and add the sliced onions to cook for a few minutes then you can add the chopped asparagus, sprinkle of salt, a couple of sprinkles of the garlic powder and then add some dried basil (or fresh).  Drizzle more olive oil over everything.

Let this cook for a few minutes.

Then add your precooked chicken to the mix.

Cook until asparagus is ready to eat.   Add the cooked pasta to a big pasta dish, add the veggies then drizzle some more olive oil on top.  Mix together.

Sprinkle with cheese after you plate your pasta and then just enjoy.

Everyone loves this meal and it's super easy to make.

Let's eat!