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The Lunesta Tales

Recently on my long weekend out of town my Mamaw pulls out her Lunesta to take since there are other people around to keep an eye out on her.  She’s been too worried to take it at home because of all the side effects it claims to have.  So she took a half the first night.

She’s laughing in the room telling us of all the side effects, like cooking and eating, driving a car and even having sex.  She mentioned that if she gets up we are just to lead her back to bed without waking her.  When she mentioned the “have sec” part I lean over to Superdad and say, “Better watch out honey.” since he’s the only man on the trip.  Mamaw hears this and tells him “You might want to sleep with one eye open.”. 

We laugh and laugh and laugh until I could have wet myself!!! 

As soon as we all turn the lights out within five minutes she’s snoring!  Ha ha.

She didn’t get up during the night.

The second night she took and half and it didn’t do anything to help her sleep.

*funny part, sort of*

So, we are packing up to leave and she wants to take an Aleve and mistakenly takes a WHOLE Lunesta instead of the Aleve.  Oh goodness, let me just say the trip was interesting on the way home as I was driving her car back over the mountain as she was fighting sleep, getting car sick and slurring her words.  We got her home, unpack her car and then she went to bed to sleep it all off.

Poor thing, I felt so bad for her.

So, Superdad wasn’t sexually attacked and the Lunesta works part of the time and I don’t think my Mamaw will take it anymore.


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