I’m mad as hell!

I couldn’t sleep last night and I know it’s because of something I heard yesterday.  It’s made me physically and mentally ill and I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around it.  It’s messed with my anxiety and depression and we all know what that means, my house gets cleaned from top to bottom.   Bathrooms scrubbed, everything dusted, cabinets arranged and a boat load of crap gets thrown away.  That’s how I deal with being hit with something major.

Yesterday I heard this tragic story that happened this month and without going into any details to reveal any personal information I will give you the very short and basic story.

Young woman enjoys a night out with her friends and drinks too much so she decides to call a cab to drive her home.  The cab driver took her to a field, raped her and broke her leg.  Due to some quick thinking on her part she was able to convince him to take her home.  They finally arrested the cab driver.

I hope that he burns in hell or becomes a bitch in prison.  Both preferably.

What the fuck is wrong with people that they think rape is okay??  Because it’s not!!!  I know that I’ve taken a cab many times alone and I know that if I had too much to drink then I wouldn’t hesitate to call a cab to take me home.  I know I would also tell our daughters, when they are of drinking age, that if they’ve had too much to drink then they should call a cab.  Instead I will be telling them to call me and I will come pick them up. 

I’m just beyond hurt and I know it’s why I tossed and turned last night.


So, if you are reading this, pass it along!!  Tell you daughters, girlfriends and every woman you know to be careful!  Ask for a woman cab driver or have a family member in place to call if you need a ride home. 

Be careful out there.