Date Night in Asheville, NC.

With our life being so busy at the moment with a loved one having surgery and recovering from that at a rehab place and the teen working and finishing up all the college paperwork for the teen to attend UNCA I decided to do something nice for my Superdad.
So, I took Superdad out for date night at a restaurant that I really enjoy!!!  We headed downtown to Pack’s Tavern for a little adult time, no kids allowed on this adventure.  While waiting we were outside listening to some nice live music that was being played in the new (ish) Pack Square Park. 

It was really nice to be with my honey in our hometown and we love being able to call Asheville home.

The wait was a bit long but it’s THE happening place downtown for delicious food and they do have live music as well.  We dined on sweet tea (me) cause we are in the south and water (Superdad) as we sat beside each other and actually talked.  Talked without kids interrupting and without having to quieten kids down or even cut up their food!

It was nice.

We enjoyed their Low Country Crab Cakes because I had them a few weeks ago on Girls Night Out and I knew how delicious they were and I know how Superdad loves a good crab cake!  I enjoyed two lump crab cakes pan fried and served with remoulade sauce, collard greens and a tomato cucumber salad.  Superdad had veggies and mushrooms with his crab cakes.  We even had Peanut Butter Pie.  YUMMY!

The meal was delicious but most of all I enjoyed my adult time with Superdad.  It brought back nice memories of dating before more kids came along.

We will have to do this once a month.  Okay Superdad?