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Wordless Wednesday

(on a Thursday)

A few weeks ago I was shopping for my mother-in-law and found the perfect outfit that I thought would have been perfect for my high school reunion in a few weeks.  It’s my 10th 20th reunion so I wanted to look nice.  Everyone wants to look nice at their reunion.  I for one will be sucking in my belly and pushing my boobs out, like all the other women there.

We get to talk about our life, our spouses, or talk about being single; we get to talk about our children and what we do to make a living.  Or in my case, what I do to stay sane.  I blog just so you know.  I’d probably blog several times a day but I’d hate to torment you like that.

So, back to my outfit, every one said it wasn't reunion appropriate.  Sniff.  I really liked that outfit, that’s why I kept it.  Ha ha. 

Yesterday, my friend Marlene came by the house to pick me up and we went shopping.  Everyone agreed that I should dress “hot” for my reunion so we were going for hot but not hooker-ish.  Know what I mean?

Of course you do.

This is what we ended up with:

I have gotten so many compliments over the new and improved “hot” outfit.  What do you think about it??

“Hi, I’m Michelle, married with four children and this amazing dress is a size 8.”

Oh, and check out these shoes!!!

I might as well brag about the delicious martini lunch we enjoyed after shopping!

Life is Good.  I have great friends to hang out with.  :)

Welcome to my backyard.

Welcome to my backyard. Sort of.

Living in Asheville has many perks and living near the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of them. We ventured up to Pisgah Inn for a nice lunch and then headed on to Graveyard Fields to enjoy the waterfalls. I used to venture to the fields when I was in high school (when I would skip school with friends) and we would swim in the hole under one of the falls. It was a lot of fun and I still cannot believe I would jump off this rock into ice cold water. Geesh, I was a lil daredevil!

*insert huge smile here*

Anyway, here are some pictures from our wonderful adventure together.

Graveyard Fields, Blue Ridge Parkway

The President said it best.

Today I keep checking the TV and the computer to hear about the tragic event that happened in a movie theater in Colorado.  Gunman kills 12 in Colorado movie theater. <~ Click for CNN article.

The President gave such a moving speech. This is a day for prayer and reflection. Life is fragile.

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone today that is dealing with this tragic event.  Everyone is praying and thinking about you in this time.

+ Best Friends Forever +

Supermom and Mary Jane.
Friends come and go in your life all the time.  There are some friends that are around for a little bit and then there are friends that are with you for the rest of your life.  I met that friend over ten years ago because I was her manager at the store where I worked.  She was a wonderful college student, beautiful and full of life.  She was my Mary Jane.  No, her middle name isn’t Jane but that’s what I call her.  If you are thinking of the other “Mary Jane” then I could go with that because she does make me feel good.  Ha ha.

Recently MJ and her family were in town and we were able to have brunch at her favorite restaurant in downtown Asheville, Tupelo Honey.  It was delicious. 

The Perfect Seat

Rosemary and Flowers

More Flowers

A Pot of Flowers



Pretty in Pink

Beautiful Flower


Wordless Wednesday

A series of my garden to come today.

Yay! A Vlog! +

Yay!  Guess who's back??  TJ this is for you!  Yes, I've been busy but I made you a video!  I have coffee, told a kid to be quiet and said a cuss word per your request yesterday.

Kids are keeping me busy and so is blog work.

I hope you enjoy the video!

It runs in the family.

We were going through pictures and I found a picture of my great aunt and I think we look just alike!  Opinions???

I’m mad as hell!

I couldn’t sleep last night and I know it’s because of something I heard yesterday.  It’s made me physically and mentally ill and I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around it.  It’s messed with my anxiety and depression and we all know what that means, my house gets cleaned from top to bottom.   Bathrooms scrubbed, everything dusted, cabinets arranged and a boat load of crap gets thrown away.  That’s how I deal with being hit with something major.

Yesterday I heard this tragic story that happened this month and without going into any details to reveal any personal information I will give you the very short and basic story.

Young woman enjoys a night out with her friends and drinks too much so she decides to call a cab to drive her home.  The cab driver took her to a field, raped her and broke her leg.  Due to some quick thinking on her part she was able to convince him to take her home.  They finally arrested the cab driver.

I hope that he burns in hell or becomes a bitch in prison.  Both preferably.

What the fuck is wrong with people that they think rape is okay??  Because it’s not!!!  I know that I’ve taken a cab many times alone and I know that if I had too much to drink then I wouldn’t hesitate to call a cab to take me home.  I know I would also tell our daughters, when they are of drinking age, that if they’ve had too much to drink then they should call a cab.  Instead I will be telling them to call me and I will come pick them up. 

I’m just beyond hurt and I know it’s why I tossed and turned last night.


So, if you are reading this, pass it along!!  Tell you daughters, girlfriends and every woman you know to be careful!  Ask for a woman cab driver or have a family member in place to call if you need a ride home. 

Be careful out there.

Date Night in Asheville, NC.

With our life being so busy at the moment with a loved one having surgery and recovering from that at a rehab place and the teen working and finishing up all the college paperwork for the teen to attend UNCA I decided to do something nice for my Superdad.
So, I took Superdad out for date night at a restaurant that I really enjoy!!!  We headed downtown to Pack’s Tavern for a little adult time, no kids allowed on this adventure.  While waiting we were outside listening to some nice live music that was being played in the new (ish) Pack Square Park. 

It was really nice to be with my honey in our hometown and we love being able to call Asheville home.

The wait was a bit long but it’s THE happening place downtown for delicious food and they do have live music as well.  We dined on sweet tea (me) cause we are in the south and water (Superdad) as we sat beside each other and actually talked.  Talked without kids interrupting and without having to quieten kids down or even cut up their food!

It was nice.

We enjoyed their Low Country Crab Cakes because I had them a few weeks ago on Girls Night Out and I knew how delicious they were and I know how Superdad loves a good crab cake!  I enjoyed two lump crab cakes pan fried and served with remoulade sauce, collard greens and a tomato cucumber salad.  Superdad had veggies and mushrooms with his crab cakes.  We even had Peanut Butter Pie.  YUMMY!

The meal was delicious but most of all I enjoyed my adult time with Superdad.  It brought back nice memories of dating before more kids came along.

We will have to do this once a month.  Okay Superdad?

I + Pictures

I love taking pictures and I'm always taking pictures!  It's my way to remembering something forever.  Two years ago we were on vacation at Folly Beach and we went walking on the beach when Lil O starting writing this message in the sand with her finger and I thought it was AWESOME!!!!!  So of course I took a picture and you can also see her footprints and Baby M's footprints in the sand along with this amazing message.

SO, I had this picture turned into a canvas print to hang up in the house.  When I find the perfect place I will post a picture!

Wordless Wednesday

We made a special sign for a very special person! 

Supermom Cooks +
Strawberry Pie

I bought these beautiful organic strawberries at the store and knew that I just had to make something with them!  Berries as beautiful as them deserved to be in a special treat!  So, I thought I would whip up a delicious pie that is super easy that you can use for any fruit!

You’ll need, all of my ingredients were organic:

fruit of your choice
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 instant packets of oatmeal, I used Maple Brown Sugar this time
brown sugar
1 stick of butter
couple of handfuls pecans or walnuts
premade pie crust

What's for dinner?
Supermom Cooks

Easy Pasta!!!!  I make this all the time with different veggies, meats, spices and cheeses because you can just mix it up to make a different meal each time.  It's hot here in Asheville, too hot to be in a kitchen for a long time to prepare a meal.  (No matter how much I'm okay with it, I cannot give my kids cold cereal to eat three times a day.)

Stuff you'll need, my ingredients are organic:

Veggie of your choice ~ This time I used some pretty organic asparagus, the skinny ones because I like their taste better.
Onion ~ Sliced
Chicken ~ I used a rotisserie from the deli.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dried Basil ~ From my garden.  :)
Garlic Powder
Pasta ~ Any kind will do.
Cheese ~ I used a Goat's Milk Gouda this time because it's nice and salty and I knew it would pair awesomely with the asparagus.  (I was right.)

That is my husband.

On our recent long weekend I learned something about Superdad and he may or may not want me to share it with you but I’ve decided to share it with you.  It came to my attention that Superdad would use a hairdryer and heat up his cold wet swimming trunks before putting them back on again. 

He would even heat up the girl’s bathing suits.

But he didn’t offer to warm mine up.

What’s up with that Superdad?  Aren’t I allowed a nice warm bathing suit to slip on??  Sniff sniff.

I still find it hilarious and wonder why I didn’t think of it myself since I am Supermom, after all.

Where have I been?

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days but someone in our family had surgery last week and it’s been busy for everyone involved.  That someone is recovering as each day passes and we are very thankful.

I have all sorts of things to post this week! 

SO, how are you enjoying summer?

The Lunesta Tales

Recently on my long weekend out of town my Mamaw pulls out her Lunesta to take since there are other people around to keep an eye out on her.  She’s been too worried to take it at home because of all the side effects it claims to have.  So she took a half the first night.

She’s laughing in the room telling us of all the side effects, like cooking and eating, driving a car and even having sex.  She mentioned that if she gets up we are just to lead her back to bed without waking her.  When she mentioned the “have sec” part I lean over to Superdad and say, “Better watch out honey.” since he’s the only man on the trip.  Mamaw hears this and tells him “You might want to sleep with one eye open.”. 

We laugh and laugh and laugh until I could have wet myself!!! 

As soon as we all turn the lights out within five minutes she’s snoring!  Ha ha.

She didn’t get up during the night.

The second night she took and half and it didn’t do anything to help her sleep.

*funny part, sort of*

So, we are packing up to leave and she wants to take an Aleve and mistakenly takes a WHOLE Lunesta instead of the Aleve.  Oh goodness, let me just say the trip was interesting on the way home as I was driving her car back over the mountain as she was fighting sleep, getting car sick and slurring her words.  We got her home, unpack her car and then she went to bed to sleep it all off.

Poor thing, I felt so bad for her.

So, Superdad wasn’t sexually attacked and the Lunesta works part of the time and I don’t think my Mamaw will take it anymore.

From my Kitchen

Today I'm making a simple July 4th meal for my family and I have some yummy things on the menu.  Of course I took pictures of (almost) everything to show you. 

I have an original recipe, Pistachio, Fresh Basil and Chocolate Friendship Bread, in the Friendship Bread Kitchen Recipe Box and it's a favorite to everyone that has tried it and everyone that has made it.  I'm proud of my recipe! 

Fresh Basil from my garden.

Wordless Wednesday

CANNONBALL!!!!!  I'm cool like that.

Home Sweet Home

This weekend we made the annual trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee with my family of six and my Mamaw and great aunt K.  It’s been a tradition of ours since I was a small child and it’s carried on even now that I have children.

I didn’t take my laptop and, imagine that, the world didn’t end.

I have funny stories to tell about my Mamaw taking Lunesta and what Superdad does with a hairdryer!

Check back for all the fun filled stories that will make you wet your pants from laughter.