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Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort in Sevierville, TN
{Winter Stay & Play FAM at Wilderness at the Smokies}

Rules for playing outside while
on Summer Break.

~ Absolutely under no circumstances are you to work in the garden with the tools without an adult present.  (Seeing my four year old run with the clippers about gave me a heart attack.)

~ No playing in the rocks.  That means NO THROWING ROCKS!  Plus, stop sticking them in your pocket because I’m tired of finding rocks in the washer, in the dryer and in the laundry basket and hidden around the house.

~ Stop running IN and OUT!  Pick a place and stay there!  I will start locking the door if you don’t figure this one out.


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Conversations with my best friend BG. #thebgs

This will be a random question that will be from a CrAzY conversation with my Beastie Grits.

The first ever question asked since the very small, more work to do, blog change over.

1)  Where do you keep your wine?

My response,

"Above the washing machine as no one else knows how to use such a complex machine."

She said, I picture with her hands on her hips, "Yeah, NO SHIT!  LOL"

Thank you thank you thank you,

No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

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